I Was In Love With a Man.. He Never Knew Till....

When I was unexpectedly love with him.I can not express.. so i kept in secret in the community.  because i innocently got framed by someone for years  ( pretty long time). I had to face it..   the community and himself  thought that i have had a very bad reputation.  more than 20 years... i left the community.

one year and half year ago... a guy came forward and i was completely numbed and couldnt believe it . he asked me for a friend.  I was awkward..... i got out of the rut and spilled the bean... oops.  he started to tell me  not want to... It crushed. i told him  i want go leave............ he begs me to stay friend.  I found it awkward.


How can i deal with that part.  One year and half..  still troubles with it. 

i wish he opened heart by change the heart to move up the level of friendship. I told him i must leave.. he refused..


how  he didnt click ... but care and want stay friend with me and at the same time, i still have the feeling for him.  What can i do.! i need advice.. I am not expert in this relationship... that conflict..


i am inept with the relationship.right now.



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1 Response Sep 18, 2008

Normally, follow your heart. but not if its confused, it has trouble loving two at once. sorry, I jsut had a new wine my freind thevintner at Olivia winery bottled, and it was so ethereal I drank about half a bottle, more than I ever drink. cant spell righte now. funny. So I was trying to say, dont worry, if you're married already there are probably up to a million peopel in this world of 6 billion youcould fall head over heels n love with. just know that and stay with your marriage if you can, or have a fling if you need to with this man, peopel often leave a marriage nowadays for a better one. thats part of love. One soulmate for life is dumb in my opinion, there are millions of soulmates in this universe. But there are perfectly good reasons to stay in a loving relationship, you have given your heart to one, its not easy to break those bonds, unless you are in an open relationship, which is rare.