What Did I Do To Deserve Her?

Well, we all know life isn't always awesome. My wife(the health nut) and I met at a party in 2007. She was 6 mos. divorced, and I was pretty much still in a relationship. We didn't exchange any information, and honestly, I just considered her some horny chick who had been "tied down" too long, and dismissed the first meeting. Well, about a month later, while she was on her way to meet a guy for a date, I saw her getting out of her vehicle. Well, I figured I'd at least get her number, since I had recently broken ties with the girl I was with when we first met. Well , she went on her date, and we actually made plans later to go out. Well, to make a long story short, we had a tumultuous beginning. Alcohol, drugs, and lots of passionate sex, but we eventually got pregnant, had a baby, and then got married. The reason I'm sharing my story is because right now, at this moment, I realize that up to this date, besides Jesus dying on that cross for me, I am the most fortunate man on the planet for her to still be with me. I am not a walk in the park, and my wife Jennifer has tolerated a lot, and had plenty of opportunities to do so. I love her. And i know what some of you are thinking, no, I don't have the only perfect woman on the planet. She's just like every other awesome woman out there, meaning she's a complete headache, but she's my headache. I'm gonna be married for the rest of my life to Jennifer, and that feels pretty good.
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4 Responses Jun 24, 2010

She's your headache. How sweet! I think! No, I get it, I really do. --DW :-)

Well said. Love what you have; you can always win on that one. And it sounds like you both have a lot to love. What woman does not want a man who's completely crazy about them?

Yippy! You are that man that knows, "whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing!' Just like you told us, DO NOT forget to tell her. She will really appreciate those kind words coming from you.

Hey, what do you mean a complete headache? :) hehe Like men are never headaches..what?? Anyway, I really want to say tis soooo refreshing to hear one man, out of months of stories, Ive read say hey I love my wife, bravo, yayyyyy!!!!! Good for you, and wishes for many more years of love...*paw hugs* now, go give her a kiss!!:)