In the way I eat my yummy garlic bagels! I’m a garlic freak and at least once a week I treat myself to a toasted garlic bagel with butter. Oh but for so many years I’ve started at the bottom and once finished I eat the top but after careful consideration I realize that it’s time for a change. I’m just missing out on too much of the wonderfully toasted garlic on the top. What I do when at work is save the extra garlic and put it into a container with a little butter then mix it up and use it for toast or something. What I’m going to do now is start with the top and then use the bottom to soak up all the left over pieces. Just sounds like a good change.


And you thought this was going to be a serious topic… HA!

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i cant say i ever eat garlic but i hear its good for you XD

IVFP ~ Einsteins? hhmmm Usually go to DD and 1/2 the time they get it right! UUHHGG! Sounds like a field trip we need to plan.<br />
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Ladee ~ Here, sleepy, oh so busy, but trying. Great big hugs!