It's Time For Change....

They say do it afraid....just step out there and do it.  So I'm taking that step.  Am I afraid?  Dang skippy I am!  My life is about to change from all that I feel secure in and head in a direction with no signposts or GPS signals. 

First thing I changed was my heart.  I've held someone in my life at arm's length for a long time out of my own fear of being hurt again.  He is the kindest, most wonderful man, and I've finally allowed him to be part of my life.  You all know him on EP as BigRedMachine (lol, and CheekyGeek and Giggles have their own nicknames for him!).  He and I have been good friends for quite some time and it's the right moment to accept his sweet requests to take this relationship a step further.  I'm ready ;)

The second big change I am making in my life is coming after the New Year.  I have decided after much thought, worry, pacing up and down till the wee hours, and meditation, to leave the safety of my career in the Air Force and begin my own practice.  I am a physician and have dreamed of my own clinic incorporating medicine and naturopathy/holistic medicine.  I wish to treat the whole person and not just the symptoms and that is not possible in my current circumstances.  The numbers have been crunched and it's doable so I'm stepping out on that limb and going for it.  I want to thank all my friends for being so supportive.....your love and encouragement has made this possible. 

With these two seemingly simple, yet huge, changes will come many more changes but I'm up to it and looking forward to the future.  Again, I'd like to say thank you so much to everyone who has encouraged and supported me.  Miss Giggles and her TrprBadass, DragonMoonsong, and of course, BigRedMachine are those I know personally and have been there for me every step of the way.  To you I will be forever grateful, I love you all.  Miss CheekyGeek, Alteredego, and Alluneedis are my EP family.  I have never met any of you and yet you give me great encouragement and strength to know I can face anything life throws at me and survive.  Not only can I survive it, I can thrive and find the courage to carry on.  Love and hugs to you, my Sisters.  I feel so very blessed the goddess brought you all into my life.

Now I know Giggles is laughing right about now 'cause I'm getting all "mushbuckety", so I'll hit submit!
Wish me luck .... today is the first step on the path to my future ;)
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Oh yes but I get a bit confused, it is the Golden Dragon Festival back home, but my Chinese calendar says it's the year of the Yang Water Dragon .... anyway, it's special and only happens once every 60 yrs so we should celebrate as you say. Lol, I'll have to ask Miss AE to explain it to me, it always fascinates me to know these things. And don't worry about pups vs cubs...I noticed you were up after 4a.m. so you must have insomnia again? I'm so sorry, I know that can drive you crazy wanting sleep and you just can't! Give WhiteBear a BIG hug for me. She's just beautiful. .

I'm so glad the dress fits and you know I am so honored you will be doing that dance. It's within you to know how, just let it come forth. Lol, I was really too tired to be writing, please excuse my typos and strangeness. It's a good thing WhiteBear can't read! She'd nip me for calling her babies "cubs" instead of pups. Lol, I think it's her name that makes me think of cubbies. You are spot on, young one, everything WILL be all right for both of us. Miss Alteredego reminded me that this is the year of the Golden Dragon so we must celebrate and look for the good coming our way ;)

Oh, Ms. Moonsong, thank you so much. Today, of all days, I needed those words of comfort. This pup sure needs your love and protection. Life can come at us and hit hard sometimes but knowing you are there for me is such a blessing. Please, for me, get some rest. Everything will be all right and I am sending hugs and a kiss for your new year ;) <br />
Btw, my buckskins are altered and it fits beautifully, many thanks. Let the Ghost Dance begin!

Like the mother wolf who watches over her cubs, I am always here watching and protecting my young ones. Let your hearts be at peace and your minds only resting on that which is important. All else is in the hands of the One who knows how to handle things. Love and light to your sousl and blessings to carry you through this new year, dear ones. Hugs to you and BigRed, DMoonsong

Thank you so much for your sweet comment, Miss Becnme. I wish you light, love, and bright blessings for the New Year. Big hugs to you!

You and BRM I think is wonderful news and I am so happy for you both.<br />
<br />
I wish you much success in your new venture too. I know you'll get much more satisfaction. *hugs*

Miss Giggles, thank you and Trooper so much for all you do. You've always been there for me with a hug and encouragement. And thank you for the blessings ;) NO I don't want to "guess" why, I can say for sure you will be the MOST difficult, obstinate, and totally whacky patient I'll have.....BUT THE MOST FUN!! I'll tell his Auntie Sienna hello for you and we'll be back soon. <br />
<br />
Miss Aleterego, I appreciate you and thank you for the blessing. Having wonderful friends like you in my life has given me the courage to step out and make these changes. I'm now looking forward to the future and excited about all it will bring. <br />
Love and light ;)

OMG, Officer HP and Miss AF ...GRATZZZZZ!!! Teehee... now I really am feeling better ;) I want you both to be happy and it's about time you two got together! **tosses megaphone back to LaMachine** go ahead and yell that again, big guy, you have my permission and Missy wouldn't dare spank, my Royal Guard from the Land of Steelers will protect moi!!! Oooooh, and I will be patient #2 at the new facility....I want you for my Doc....want to guess why? roflmao Seriously, you are a wonderful doctor and the community will be blessed by you. I wish you more than "luck"....I send you blessings for the new relationship, the new career move, and all the changes for good that will come from them. Always stay true to your heart and remember your path and you will be fine, my dear. I love you and Trooper does, too. Much to my dismay, it is time for me to get off and take my vities so I'll give you a call soon. Take care and you and BigRed have a wonderful time. Give Miss Sienna my love, you will have a good time, his auntie is a hoot !!

Oh, thank you so much, TwilightDream, I appreciate your wonderful comment. I haven't been on EP much lately but I've missed my dear friends and wanted to wish you happy holidays and let you know I'm finally headed in the right direction. Thank you for the wonderful support you've given me, it is a very special and welcomed gift in my life. Bright blessings to you!<br />
<br />
BigRed, you are a pip, lol, and you make me smile ;) Goodness, I hope this limb we are hanging on is strong! Thank you for always being such a good friend and watching out for me. With you by my side I'm sure I won't fall....maybe stumble along the way, but no falling down. Hmm...did "daddy" call Chita and Marisol yet?'d better or those girls of yours will have a fit! I love your sweet heart. (now put the megaphone down and stop telling the world....goodness my cheeks are red!) Your Jazmin is happy, too.

I haven't got to talk to you in a while but I am happy for you, and I know you can do whatever you set your mind on. You have been through some very tough times, and dark days. It's time to put the dark days behind you, and move on with the wonderful things that await you........I have changed my name, but will never forget your kindness and heart ............I wish you the best and Love, Light, and Blessings ............

You don't have to be afraid, you aren't out there on that limb alone. I'm right there with you holding your lovely hand and I won't let you fall. You have been through so much and yet you still shine with love, strength, and determination to make this world a better place. We are all very proud of you. <br />
Persistent? Who me? lol... well, maybe just a bit ;) I can finally say it right out loud for all the world to see and hear "I LOVE YOU" and you have made me a happy man.

Lol, Miss Alluneedis, BigRed is certainly persistent....but I'm happy he is ;) Thank you so much for your comments and, most of all, thank you for your wonderful friendship and love. <br />
Miss DragonM, thank you for all your blessings, I look forward to you doing a Native Blessing over my practice. <br />
You both have brought joy to my heart and having you as sisters and family has brightened my life beyond words. I'm excited about my future and I have you all to thank. Love and bright blessings to you both. <br />
Oh, and save a piece of birthday cake for me and BigRed? I hear it's CheekyGeek's and Giggles birthday on Christmas. I'll miss you all but hope your holidays are wonderful and I'll be thinking of you and wishing you happiness for the New Year.<br />
Love, AF

You know I am so proud of you! Blessings upon you and BigRed, I love you both and wish only the best for the two of you. When you open that wonderful clinic, I will not only be your first patient, I will do a blessing over your practice. You are a beautiful soul and we are the ones who are all the better for knowing you, young lady. Now you and BigRed have a wonderful Christmas holiday and come back to us soon. We'll miss you and we will be a bit jealous of you down in sunny Puerto Rico! Miss Alluneedis is so right, the holidays just became magically bright with the good news of our friends. Hugs, DragonM