I Should Have Started Sooner

I have collage background worked hard my whole life just to be laid off last year and nothing to be found job wise. When I did find a job nothing that would come close to keeping a roof over our heads or food on the table, I was so depressed my husband was laid off shortly after, thing's went from bad to worse.   I found a job making $10 a hour working as many hours as I could, just to have them cut hours to give to people who would work for $8! Then one morning I get a knock on the door to answer with a man asking are you Emily Maielo? I said yes he replied you have been served!!


    He walked away my land lord was going into foreclosure and the bank was making me aware of it!! I went from crying to WOW! That guy has easy job I could do that then wondering how much he was paid to do knock on my door and ask who I was!!


  I started doing as much research as I could with no luck finding information on how to serve,  if I need a license how to be hired ect.... all I could find was banks, attorneys, home owners, credit card companies looking for people to serve papers or file paper’s at the court house, but could not tell me how to go about just that they think I  needed to be a license process server? I even bought in to a website that had online school to get your license just to find out that is fake, the court doesn’t not even except that and looked at me like a idiot!!!! I looked for companies local with very few to compete with but no luck receiving information from them. I see now they were just being greedy and not wanting the secret to get out!! For months I researched emailed read everything I could, just being transferred to one person to another on what I needed what I didn’t need to never get a clear answer for sure.    I made phone calls to lawyers to find out prices and what they expect for a server and found that many were very unhappy with the process servers they use, there was not enough competition and they were lazy unreliable!!  With the economy there’s so many papers that need to be out, I found that in my small town alone in one county was filling 360 to 430 papers a day!!!   Hey I could serve some of those!!! If I only knew how to go about it????   so I started this site http://howtobeaprocessserver.com

maielo maielo
Mar 20, 2009