Boreing You Might Not Want To Read Lol!

I'm not even sure if I would post this like really lol! But I need to figure out whats happening this weekend and how I'm going to fit it all in.

Things to do...

I promised that I would go to Jeanettes to help her nesting earges, she's 9 months pregnant and her house is upsidedown.

I asked my dad to come out with my husband and I to celebrate my birthday on the weekend on Sat at 7:00

I have church on Sunday

The twins have choir practice on Sunday at 3-5 plus a pizza party.

The church has a bowling game at 7:00 on the 27th Ugh that's the same time I'm having supper hmmmm

it's also the reverends Birthday that day and I'm celebrating my bday that day too, but I've made plans with my dad at the same time....Weighs it

Bowling is in Fairview, supper is in PR ha I need a break I have a baby sitter I'm going to spend time with my dad, my step mom is out of town I could just ask my dad if he wants to go to fairview, it's really far away from home for him, and asking might make him decline and feel bad but this is my opportunity to get to know people from the church, ahhh we have choir practice for that....Bah I cannot chose. Calls husband....

Hang on before I call my husband Sunday is out of the question for going to GP I need to do that on Saturday okay

Sat morning Wake up bright and early drive two 1/2 hours to Jeannettes, I still need to be home and showered by 6:00 Leave GP at 3:30

So I will leave home at 9:00am arrive in GP at 11:30 eat and work from 11:30 till 3:30 that's only 4 hours of work! Then come home get ready for my B day supper with my dad and husband at wong tonns at 7:00 I'll just need to relax and I'm sure I'll be hungry ok Saturday is settled.

Sunday Church and choir practice and pizza party done deal!

I should call my husband to see if I can bring a dump trailor. Call finished he will ask his boss if we can borrow a truck and dump trailor one of these weekends but I should still go over to Jeanettes and start bagging stuff.

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Feb 25, 2010