The Time Has Arrived!!!!!!!!

my daughter had her first visit with the therapist this week. the second one is on thursday. she was in there for 1 1/2 hours, much longer than the therapist thought!! don't know who was doing the talking because i don't want to quiz her too much. but she did say the therapist was nice....

now if i could just get her to stay home once in awhile!! she's gone before i get home from work and she's out till at least 10:00pm, she does phone me, however i just think she's got way too much freedom to find trouble and let trouble find her. it's hard for me to say "stay home" though, what would really be my reasons. i told her if she wasn't going to get more hours at work, she was only going to be limited to "hanging out" 3 days a week. what do y'all think of that...

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thanks guys for all your 'sound' advice. funny you mention horses m.m. cuz my daughter does ride horses!! and Ms. M you're right about that, and besides that, my place is sooo tiny nobody wants to be here....

I tried to keep mine "otherwise occupied" horses worked wonderfully. And no you dont necessarily have to buy them.<br />
Riding lessons will either wake it up in em or ya have to find another passion for them.<br />
Once they learn to ride ya can go on trail rides etc , which sticks with them the rest of their lives. And dosent require a 12 step program later either.<br />
Just a thought I raised 3 girls 3 boys

Perhaps rather than telling her that she can't go out (and if you aren't home to enforce that I doubt the edict will be followed) tell her that he friends can come over, but you don't want her going out. It means that you can meet her friends, and make sure she isn't finding too much trouble. If she asks why, just tell her that you would like her around the house more, or that you would like to see her even if she is with friends.