Be Proud Of Who We Are

It is interesting that there are nearly 100 people who claim to be a peranakan but no one shares their stories.

We're a near extinct race, no one in our country of birth would even recognise our heritage. In Penang, most of our history is wiped out by corupt government officials who thinks progress can only be achieved by erecting tall sky scrapers. Newsflash! They don't! Those monstrocity makes our precious island uglier and polluted.

In Singapore, there a section in their museum that shows the world about the peranakan heritage and legacy, why are Malaysian so ashame of their past?

I've lived in overseas for the most part of my life, and everytime I come over to Penang for a visit, it depresses me to see that many of our traditional nyonya food are dissapearing and instead being replaced by food chains from Hong Kong and Shanghai. What really set me on fire is why is it that nyonya food that was once so ubiquitous in our wet market are now only available in fancy speciality nyonya food restaurant?

Our language are also slowly forgotten, more and more are speaking mandarin instead of Hokkien which was once unique to the peranakan cities like Penang, Malacca and Singapore.

zeepink zeepink
36-40, M
Jan 8, 2013