Smooth From Head To Toes

Well, it has been a long process to accept my fetish for body shaving. I started trimming my leg and torso in my early twenties. Did not want to go all the way by fear of being seen hairless in public. But the urge was to big so I trimmed shorter and shorter over the years until I finally took the plunge and got the razor on my skin. If people were to ask questions, I was ready to make up a story. I would pretend to be a competitive swimmer. But nobody ever asked me questions. I just got some strange looks in the Summer when wearing shorts. It took me awhile to not fear exposing my bare legs in public. As years passed, I started hating my body hair, trimming or shaving down most of it. My arms and armpits were soon part of the game. I became totally addicted to shaving my body hair. I now keep my body hair-free all year long, shaving it 2 or 3 times per week (I would do it more often but then I get rashes). I have tried waxing or depilating my body hair a couple of times but I can not deal with the stubble when the hair grows back. Plus I have to admit that shaving is much more enjoyable. Just spreading the shaving gel on my skin is an absolute turn on. My quest for a smooth body did not stop there. 3 years ago, after getting a bad haircut, I decided to clip my hair. My intention was to buzz it short but leave some hair. Wishful thinking! Once I got the clippers in my hand, I could not stop the process. I was so excited that I clipped my hair shorter and shorter, from attachment 4 to no attachment. I was delighted by my transformation. A few days went by and I decided to take the final step: shaving my head bald. I found that my scalp was much more sensitive than the rest of my body, probably because it had never been shaved before. The result was incredible. Removing the stubble on my head made a huge difference. I loved the look and feel of being a baldy. I thought the head shaving would be a one-time event but once you start, it is hard to turn back to a full head of hair. Indeed I have kept my hair buzzed short of shaved ever since. Shaving my body became a lifestyle. Being from a Mediterranean descent, my body is normally very hairy, which implies endless hours of shaving ritual to keep it silky smooth. Apart from my beard and my eyebrows, the rest of my body is to remain free of hair. I usually keep a short beard as I think it complements my bald head. My eyebrows were too thick for my taste. I decided that they should be trimmed to blend them with my smooth scalp and short beard. My beard trimmers in hand, I proceeded with caution, making sure I did not remove too much hair (I read on the Internet comments about the eyebrows being important for facial expressions and so on). Setting No4 made no difference in my eyebrows appearance, so I moved on to setting No3. Small change but nothing drastic. My eyebrows still looked very natural. I was debating whether to go to setting No2. I had mixed feelings about it. I had the urge to clip more hair but was feeling guilty about it at the same time, knowing that I would not be able to hide my eyebrows, should I ''accidentally'' cut them too short. Let's take it to No2, I thought. That way, I would be able to see the difference. Once again, I zipped more hair. Wow! That made a huge difference this time. I still had hair but my eyebrows were shorter the ever. In fact, I had the equivalent of a short stubble in place of my bushy eyebrows. Now I had reached the point of no-return. I wanted to make my eyebrows even less noticeable. The No1 setting did the job. My eyebrows were almost gone! I was totally ecstatic about this new experience. I could not stop there, I had to go all the way. I removed the comb from the trimmers and shaved my eyebrows to the skin. The result was incredible. My bald eyebrows blended so well with my smooth head. Delighted by this fresh look, I razored my head and eyebrows the following day. My body was now silky smooth from head to toes. I am now 37 and if you see a bald-headed, eyebrowless guy on the street, it could be me. My next fantasy: shaving another guy (preferably hairy) from head to toes... Thanks for reading! Let me know your comments.
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If someone wants to do this to me including eyebrows and eyelashes I'm so up for it. Deadly serious let me know London England area

If ever I can go long enough without shaving, my fantasy is to be shaved head to toe ( nothing spared) by someone who is completely shaved, preferably in front of other shaving devotees

Wow. Sounds like something I would like to do. I would love to find a guy that we can shave each other from head to toe

Dude, I'm a married hetero male, but just reading that turned me on a bit. I've always removed all of my pubic hair (feel like a cave man otherwise) but I've never dared do my legs - like you say for fear of people asking questions.

I'd love to have smooth legs, though yes the time it must take is a bit of a deterrent too.

I don't know why, but I am absolutely obsessed with being hairless. I love the feel and and am absolutely turned on by the look. Unfortunately, I don't get a lot of support in my current community for my passion, so I haven't dared go all the way yet. I would absolutely love to have every last follicle on my head and body removed ( brows and lashes included). Hopefully this site will help me gain the courage to do what I've always wanted. Thanks.

I would love to meet you so you could shave everything off me including eyebrows and eyelashes. Near London England serious for doing this

My story is just like yours. I started trimming my pubic hair. I trimmed it shorter and shorter until one day I shaved ir all off. From there I went up my belly to my chest. After a whie I decided to trim my leg hair shorter. You know how it goes. Soon I became smooth from my nose to my toes. I love the look and feel and so does my wife. I had a dark beard. After I shaved it would still be a dark shadow on my face. I do not shave my body. I use an epilator. I t plucks the hairs out and I stay smooth for a long time. I have been doing it for years and my chest, belly and pubic hair have just about stopped coming back, A year ago I decided to try the epilator on my face. PAIN. The first couple of weeks it hurt a lot. The roots were very deep. o feel no pain at all and my face is smooth and clear.

I started shaving years ago, but only my pubes at first. I was also concerned about what people would think. Then I shaved my chest, **** and balls. Sometimes I shave my arms and legs, and everyday I shave my head and face. I like short eyebrows and shave them sometimes too. I want to shave everything and would love to find someone to do it for me. Normal for me is smooth.