Wife Just Made Me Shave

I have never shaved my legs before ( I am ahh was quite hairy ) my crossdressing and submission to my wife has always been very secret so she never wanted me to shave but tonight she had me shave everything but my head and a small patch above my sissy **** then told me maybe she should get me a bikini to wear for the summer. I wear shorts all the time what am I going to tell people she just smiled and said tell them your wife ***** your *** too.
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3 Responses May 4, 2012

I have been to nude beaches and also go nude at hot springs. I love being smooth all over and no one ever says anything. They may snicker behind my back, but they don't anything. I also think that guys that shave their pubs and are otherwise hairy bears look stupid.

say nothing most will not notice

Ah pet you are well on your way, but I think you know that.