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How It Is Tobe Percieved As A Female

I am a cross dresser.I dress and live as a female 24/7. I love silky ,satiny,

lacypanties and bras ..i love wearing silky blouses and skirts and dresses. i wear make up and have long blond hair

clear down to the middle of my back. i have a beautiful pair of breasts and wear a 46- DD bra.

i am very passable and love it when men call me mamm and open doors for me

and defer to me just because they think i am female.also other women treat you differently because they also think your female.

they greet you and are more friendly than they would be if you were dressed as a male. 
i have had so many interesting experiences with both male and females that acted differently towards me
simply because the percieved me to female rather  than male. ---I am adding an adendum to
this story becauseThings have changed for me(for the better). I have continued to change and become 
more feminine. I am not sure  wheather  this is so much a Physical change(altho there is that too)
or more of a mental changeand there is that body is still morphing into a more female cast.
and i can tell it by compareing photos that i take often to check me progress.mentaly i feel more and think more
as not a guy that dresses as a girl but as a girl altogether. I am no longer that guy i am more that girl 
if that makes any sense.

aniowagirl aniowagirl 66-70, F Mar 1, 2010

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