I Love To Wear Pantyhose And Tights... And My Girls Loves It Too

From around 3 or 4 I would steal my mothers tights and high heels and wear them, and i've always love them. For a while my girlfriend now my fiance always hated them and refused to wear them, and thought I was stupid for wanting to wear them and look girly... One day she helped me get a pair of thigh high stockings and she tried one on and loved it... from that point on she got jealous that i had a couple of pairs and she didn't... she loves wear them now... she still refuses to wear high heels but hopefully when we move in together and i can dress feminine around the house i hope to get her to wear them... well i can't dress girly right now at home cuase i'm still at home with my parents... hell they flipped out when they caught me painting my nails black... i'd wake up the next morning on paris island if i look really girly... :(
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Congratulations for coming out to your parents. It is difficult being the oldest. Parents expectations are huge for their children.

i'm trans so i've dressed up... and my fiance now and i've come out of the closet and my parents where like we know

You shoul try complete lingerie and dresses!