Wanted: Fwb

I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Would love to have a guy to go to movies, concerts or just hang out at my place/his place with. Not into bars or drama. Willing to try new interests that he may have too. No drugs or orgies please...Just not my thing
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41-45, M
4 Responses Dec 16, 2012

I would enjoy a friend as you describe. Indiana must be a tough State to be gay or bi in. I was in Indianapolis a couple of weeks ago and ate in a great Restaurant, we found out it was a gay restaurant after entering. The food was great. The men were as cute as your profile pic.

I love gay guys......I've had a few "BGF's" in my lifetime~

I like who you are...I really do..I respect you very much..You have some morals..It is very refreshing. just saying.

Thank you very much for the respect :)

you are most welcome..
here is a big hug for you today..
I love to hug..:)

Shame I don't live near you as I am looking for the same in england. Partner knows & is also bi. TrevX