My Secret Life Until Now

It started when I was very young I wore panties and pantyhose loved the way they felt then ongoing to a teen then as a teen started shaving my legs I always thought it was a phase I was going through k then I decided to try to stop and live as a male chose to join a carnival but they only work for 9 or 10 months so at the end first thing i did was go girly again shaved everything wearing all kinds of women's clothing heels ect. So that happened every year that I had like 4 months before I had to go back to work and also when was teen I told my mom she was very supportive about it she said I love you anyways well back to story now
34 and want to go all the way
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So do I
best of luck hun

i to started when I was very young wearing my moms clothing and thay fit so good on me i love them

the first silk i felt and wore was my mom's lingerie and pantyhose!

Thanx alena that was so nice to say that I wish I found more people like you that understands

I've been married 29 years, and cross-dressing has opened up such a wonderful side to my sexuality that I never knew existed.....feminization of myself is something I can never stop...ever.

Love feeling like a woman. Love, Marcy

I know the feeling. I started cross dressing back in high school. Then I quit doing so with the fear of getting caught. But now the fire had been lit. I hadn't dressed until this summer. Until that it had been somewhere around eighteen years since last doing so. But anyways I have been dressing again since this August and I thought at first it was innocent cross dressing but the arousal went away and another feeling replace that. I started to think that I was only fooling myself and in denial. Doing some research with the feelings that I was starting to acknowledge and I am still to this day struggling to except that I am a transgendered female or should I say a translesbian...I love everything that is girlie because deep down I am a girlie girl who is for the most part still in the closet except to my friends here on EP and some close friends that I trust.

wow I really understand you. I feel the same I'm a male lesbian I know I'm a girl inside but I love girls so much.