I am a man cross dresser indian. I have offen dressed female clothes in my room, also some times in public . I have female clothes, wig, fack boobs, jwelleries. make up kits, etc.
One day i seen a advt. for the post of lady administrter ( gruh mata). I decided to apply for the same. I posted my resume . They called me in a interview for that post. I came there with my female dresses. they ask me some & after that they decided to appoint me for above job. At that time i cleared that i am a male not a female but i will doing this job as a female if you agree for that. they are ready for that. then i joined a job for gruh mata . i have much pleasure for this job i am enjoying my hobby.some times girls of my hostel asking me & shere their private problems with me as a ladies. i am already giving correct solution for their problems. one day one hostel girl told me that some boys are disturbs him & teasing her. I told him to call that boys in gurden to meet with her. she was agree another day she told me that the boys will come in gurden at 6 p.m. she gave me a photo of that boys. I went in the gurden with that girl & cauched those boys & beaten very hard at that time the polish came & i told the metter & polish took those boys in lock up. After that the all girls are very happy with me.
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Hello I'm Joel

Wonderful you can work in a position in which you are happy ab be your true self.

I liked your story. Is it just fiction or actual fact? If it is a true fact, are you still working as Lady Administrator?

Gender changing does cost a lot of money. Be prepared to spend $10K just to get started and Then a lot more later for surgery too.