This is pathetic, there are over 200 members in this group, yet there is still only 1 story.
Last year I visited Malta for the first time (well when I was a baby I went there but it doesn't count cause I don't remember it). I feel in love with all of it. I had never been on a bus before (:D) and I never thought I would enjoy one, but I looked forward to them so much, because you get a slower view of everything. I was only able to stay for 2 months but I so plan on going back.. soo pretty. Originally I was born in Greece, but because of some paper work complications my parents had to go to Malta to get me my Birth certificate, weird I know.
Anyhow, people should just post more. What's the point of having a group promoting your heritage if it's all blank?
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I'm going next summer! Most of my family lives in Msida, but I'd love to see as much as I can. Is there anything you'd recommend as a 'must' while visiting?