Wearing Panties At Work

I want everyone to know that that i have enjoyed the Website because it let me be me and open up and share the enjoyment i have wearing panties at work.
I am a truck driver for a major company and i don't care if anyone see me wearing my panties.. I find it to be more comfortable then wearing men briefs, I wear mainly low cut cotton and silk panties bright colors so people can see them on me. When i am park at night i don't draw my curtains in my truck so anyone that parks across from or on either side they can see what i have on, I also like to wear a short night gown too at night. Some of the ladies truck driver have seen me in my panties and even have given me a nice smile. I have parked at rest area too and have them on. I am not ashame if anyone has seeen me. it is a good feeling that they seen me...i wear a bra too when i drive. sometime i like to park at a rest area where i can position my truck so i can walk outside it, in just wearing my panties specially when it is hot. so enjoy the sights if you get to see me sometime...thanks
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Im a trucker and wear them as well but im more discreet. I would love to have the nerve tonshow others. I drive a peterbilt and it is all decked out so i get a lot of looks and people taking pics of my truck as it is. It would be nice to park next to you sometime.



What can I say but "keep on truckin'?"

I also like to wear panties. I only wear bras when I cross-dress, rare. I have become increasingly daring about wearing panties that show hoping that someone will see them. So I have gravitated to high waist briefs in feminine colors - hopefully with lace across the top.

im also a trucker who wears panties while working

Hi Lenherrmann..thank you for reading my stories and commenting on them.I would like to chat with you sometime on yahoo or msn under the same name i am on right now.. By the way i wear panties and bras and pantieshoses too while driving.

i also wear them, mostly in the winter when i can hide them under a coat but i wear panties 24/7

i wear them 24/7 and don't hide them at all...when i go between pu and drop off i wear a cut t-shirt just under the bra line and no pants so my panties are expose. and when i come to truck stop i park so people can see me when i stand up in my panties. I don't have a problem even to sit naked too at truck stop...

love to see you up in my neck of the woods.

you can reach me at goldwingman1990 on yahoo lets chat

i'll set up an account

Life is too short not to enjoy it. It is nice to find a like minded person. Well done.


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