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I am a proud born and bread waihine from Ngati Porou i have grown up in uawa and Te puia Springs by 4 people who mean the world too me.the first and for most of cause is my dad ,he has always been there 4 me though every part of my life no matter how good or bad then there,s  my mum the woman who came into my life when i was 4yrs old thank u for wanting me and my brothers u are the only  mum i will ever have love u than too my aunty and uncle who lived at pukatiti thank u for all the love and care always in my heart for ever

kia ora te whanau proud to be maori

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Kia Ora friends,<br />
I was bought up in the Maori & Pakeha cultures, quite different in so many ways. If anyone has seen the movie Whale Rider-that was exactly like my life except mum was pakeha but she was so much like the mum in that movie. My father was a proud Maori man and didn't tolerate things easily. He wanted a son as the first born & he got me instead. Nothing I did was ever right I tried for years to get his approval I tried to be be like a male, went & worked in a panlebeaters & other male dominated jobs, & all I have to show for all that hard work now is a crook back LOL, I did everything just to make him see my worth as a person, but it never went down atall, his cultural ideals were too strong. Dad & I used to argue constantly, & it would sometimes get messy as he was a heavy drinker & he'd become extremley aggresive with alchohol. Mum was a gentle soul always there trying to keep the peace etc. covering things up so as my father wouldn't do his block (like he always did) Through all of this I spent most of my teenage & younger years as a rebel, I had to do anger managment stuff, because I seemed to always be in fights with other people, I just had all this anger inside me that didn't know where to go. My father died 14 years ago of lung cancer that spread all through his body. When he was told he only had months to live he went striaght out of the hospital & lit up a cigarette. Mum just had that look on her face, like whats new with him she'd had years of putting up with his antics but stuck with it. My father spent his time at home with family up until a week before he died. In that week I went into his room to see him it was always awkward with him & I. He took my right hand and said to me.."I can see you've worked hard for along time, you got bloody good hands aye. How Id waited all my life just to hear that from him it meant more to me than any of the crap that had gone on before, I just stood there and never said anything. He died a few days after that. In his Illness he never expected sympathy he took it like the soilder he was in ww2. Ive had a long time now to think about it all, perhaps this is why all of us have to go through years getting older as lessons we all learn on our journey, and when the time comes to move on we can be reunited with those we have misunderstood. RIP .

Hi NgatiWhanau<br />
what a lovely language!<br />

I have a group here called "I'm A Coastie" it's for all Ngati Porou ~ look it up under my experiences and join ~ I've been waiting a long time for some whanau to come... =)

hongi , whanaunga , arohaina mai.

my uncle,s family was from tikitiki and some of them are still there i believe ......yes every time I get to go home its so hard to leave

oh I know! we lived at Rangitukia , I still miss my home today , and wish to return again , never to leave....<br />
<br />
and I'm only in Wellington!!

i spent alot of time at the hospital with my uncle he use to deliver the milk and cream many years ago back when we had milk cans memories i hold close to my heart. how I miss him so, moe moe ra matua

I was born in Te Puia Springs Hospital...small small world and seemingly getting smaller by the minute...!<br />