Finding Love Thats Real

Iam married for 16 years to my 4th husband, yeah thats right 4th. My first husband died a year after our son was born. He had cancer. He was my high school sweetheart and first love. Then I married #2 right out of Vietnam,He had alot of issues, and one was beating me and keeping me lock away. We also had a son, after much abuse and just when he thought I was beaten down I took one of his many guns and told him to get out. Where did I get the power to take my life back ,thro my wiccan beliefs. I had prayed on this for along time how to take his power and make it mine. So I bound his and took it for my own. I hated him and for the frist time in my life I used the dark arts and put a spell on him. He became confused and losted, just what I wanted. But things happened that I had not planned for, He killed himself. And that day I found out I was to have a child. I have never used Dark Powers since that day. Four years later I met and married my 3rd husband, I didnot love him I married him to give my sons a father, we were married for 10 yrs. And it was and okay life. Until I went back to work,where I met the man I had waited for all my life, my soul mate. After three years of back and forth I left my husband and moved away. Two of my sons were out of high school and the youngest one still in school, he chose to stay with his father too finish school. My love and I lived together for 5yrs. before I  said yes to marry him. He gets me in away that no one ever has. He is my best friend, my lover, and my soul mate.All my family love him and we have gone all over the states together finding things that makes us stronger and happier. This is my story, the Bad and the Good. Thanks for letting me tell it to you.   Blessed Be BurchWood
Whiteburch Whiteburch
51-55, F
Jan 5, 2008