The Epitomy Of A Gentleman

He came out to me about a year and a half ago, we were in Wal-Mart and he said "Do you ever feel like a man?" To me this was silly. Of course I don't feel like a man, I am a woman this is who I am. He said to me that he feels like a man, and being familiar with the transgender community I knew what he was talking about. Unfortunately for him, he thought there was something wrong with him, he was unsure of how to feel about it. I talked with him about transgender and what it means and he could completely relate. Mind you during all of this we were openly in a lesbian relationship. He told me this and all I could think was, wow, how much courage it must take to tell your girlfriend that you think you weren't born the correct gender. Him and I are still together, he is taking testosterone injections twice a month, which I give him, and it is really changing him. It is so nice to see him happy, to see him love life, and feel comfortable or as comfortable as he can get right now. He is a gentleman like no other, he is the boyfriend everyone wishes they could have and I have him. It is really nice to be with such a dream.
orangesaresweet orangesaresweet
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You have a heart that knows how to really love.