How Sad Is That

Someone asked me the other day if I was married and I actually had to stop and think before I answered. I have been feeling so alone that I actually forgot for a second that I am married. I guess I feel more like a single person. Now that's just really sad.
howsab howsab
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So how are things now ? Are you guys still together ?

Reminds me of an episode of reno 911 where blonde cop pulls over a pilot near the airport (Ron white) she asks if there's a Mrs. Captain he goes "well uh... Nope." Lmao

I know how you feel, my wife and I never have sex, she sleeps in the living room. We are just a couple that are raising our children together. We are married in name only

I always wear my ring to remind myself, but I'm right there with you. I never imagined how lonely marriage could be. Somehow, I grew up thinking marriage meant I would have an eternal friend....

So how to you deal with it?

Probably God doesn't give people that thing 100% in this/one life which is the dream/weakness of the person. Truly feeling a bit good/happy as EP has taken a project to make connections among same mentality of people or the persons having same craving!! Lets explore our self to make our dreams/desires come true!! Well, what to say I'm an open minded fun/sex loving guy but leaving almost sexless marriage life. To me sex is an art & I'm a good artist. I'm having high sex drive and also a bit choosy on sexual matter...!! I'm also comfortable with all aged groups (women, matured women, girls) provided the partner is friendly and wild in the bed. I'm looking for a true "****-buddy" but relationship status with me have to be a friend only. Sex can be made colorful but not at the cost of privacy and secrecy. If any one is sex loving decent female she who wants to enjoy heavenly taste of secret sex as a true friend then pls don't shy/hesitate to knock me!!

Know how you feel.. I'm married and alone too.. if you like to talk i am avilable

i understand how you feel. Married/Single.

i just dont get to take out my passions on my wife very regularly, so i feel you.

You are in situation were the only one thought is coming to my Visionis " My Way or no Way"...well just follow your heart and socialite and make friends. This really will help you to bring back those confidence in you and your life. Try to make him feel that who you are and still you can spead happiness across and make people feel special. I am sure this confidence and positve approach make our spouse think twice about if he / she is doing anytng wrong.<br />
Believe me you can be much more happy if you learn the chapter of " Being Happy from being independent"...Wish yiu lots of Luck and Strength towards you life...

I know exactly how you feel Hun.

felt the same way when i was married to my last wife of 26 years -the last 5 were lonely for me and even slep on the couch for the last 3 years. Also in a different house for the last year

Been there. Helps to have company.

That's very hard to live with howsab, being tied into something which doesn't make you feel included. I do sympathise. Is there not some way of you meeting some new people and making a life for yourself? If there is no chance of repairing your relationship perhaps it's time to think about making a move. If that's too much to consider, then perhaps developing some outside interests will be a starting point for you. Life is too short to be so unhappy for such a large part of it. I wish you luck and strength to gain some happiness for yourself.

I can't say I haven't had the same reaction as of late. It's not a good feeling to have and it can only gets better when you find away to change the situation. It looks like my situation is about to change though we're talking about separating. We don't know yet if it's for a short period of time or for good. So actions do have consequences, but I hope to find soem true happiness either way it works out.<br />
<br />
Good luck.....

no not sure what to do about that