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Getting Yelled At Again...shocker!

Here we go again. My mom took the kids for the night and instead of having a nice evening with my husband it turns to another big fight with him raising his voice. SHOCKER! I don’t really understand how things work. Just an hour ago he said he wanted to have a nice relaxing night and now this. It shouldn’t really surprise me one bit cause whenever we have a night alone together it ends like this…him in another room pissed and ******** all over me and my family and me wondering why I even thought we could have a nice night together.

It so hard to keep trying to figure out reasons to stay. When I keep things bottled up in side things are ok with us. He tries to hold my hand, lightly touches me on the arm or stomach to let me know he’s there. That denotes to me he cares, but then we have situations like this. Are we only good when people are around? Is this what life is going to be like.
rantingtofeelbetter rantingtofeelbetter 31-35, F 7 Responses Mar 17, 2012

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I was quite moody and stand offish with my wife and it just got worse. I realise now I let it go for far too long and when I finally talked about it, well it was too late, my feelings for her had completely changed and I was not interested in her that way, but was more like a flat mate. My issues were I resented the way she behaved too me, but I also think we were growing more distant for a number of reasons.

You need to talk to him because he is not happy. He may not talk, say everything is ok, but until he does it will be difficult for you to improve things.

Hey...Just wanted to say i may not have ever or will ever meet you all out there but am here if you need a shoulder because you are all beautiful BLACK OR WHITE you are pretty/handsome and you can only be you...If you need help with anything am here willing to keep all stories private #LOVE NAOMI...!!! Hugs and kisses to you all out there never give up you are Smart you are strong you are YOU and don't ever study what people out there got to say about you.. Love always am here.. Enjoy your day..night..morning :) here :)

Men for some reason like to do the opposite of what u need from them. If u want to cuddle they want to stay away from u. They behave better when u act like u dont care too much abt them. Thats when they become petulant boys. I have similar issues. But I am fine till I dont get bothered with and accept it. Our problem is that we take their rejection personally when actually its their behavior which is the problem. I know it but I feel bad abt it too even though I know its them and not me.

sometimes people are just fkng miserable, im sorry, i live with a man who i believe is bipolar, he's got to be. great one moment and who the hell is he the next, its an emotional roller coaster

Try to stay positive, dear and not allow the dismal situation to change who you are. I don't know if you trust the Lord or not, but He has always helped me. God bless you and your marriage.

dont ever worry about that my dear,he dont now ur value,caring and ur love about him,soon he will now that first ignore him all the time make ur self busy in ur work or make new friends to share ur problem and dont think that ur r alone.being an educated women no need to worry,about that soon everything will be ok,if u have anyproblem in my suggestion,pls let me now my no is 09160113578 Kumar from Hyderabad working with cognizant

Do not leave your husband. Change him to a better person. it is said woman has great power over man. Use that power. Be yourself, stop wearing masks, even if you were teach that way, Just show him your true feelings, and speak with him, because he is the man that once you loved so much. He is still the same man, just a little older, sadder, loner. Speak with him and find out what he truly wants because his anger is just an effect of his fear and sadness. May God bless and light your way. Do your best, never give up and keep the love in your heart.

Change him? Is he a child? I don't know about you but trying to train a grown man is horrible. I love your heart in loyalty though. Blessings.