I'm Alone And Don't Know What To Do!!

Ok so it's always been this way but I'm seeig it more and it's getting worse all the time, don't get me wrong it's not all horrible just 90% of the time it is!!

Starts at 5am when he leaves for work he wakes up and says good bye walking out the door every low and ten I might get a kiss on te cheek, Then he'll text all day saying how he loves me Lardy dah dah them his home and seems like a complete different person each day while he texts I think to myself yes his chane he comes home in a feral mood and I don't know why I try to have everything spotless being a SAHM I try his dinners cooked lunch packed clothes washed and if there is mess on the floor he screams each time I try playing having a joke e screams I'm over it i want to leave to put it in a way the only time I feel love is when where having sex and that's it !! IM OVER IT!!!
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2 Responses Sep 30, 2012

isn't 90% of the time horrible enough? No one should put up with horrible at all! Dump him-he doesn't love you.

You need to have heart to heart with this Hubby of yours and tell him how you feel,looking after kids,doing housework is the hardest job I ever done,I was single parent for while.Ask your Hubby to try marraige guidence if not speak to solicitor to see how you and kids stand!