A Strange Twist, Dammit!

I've always been a bit of a horndog. As one of the groups states, I don't have a dirty mind, I have a sexy imagination.

I have had some of the best lines for laughs and cringes among "the guys" (which has included a few of the fairer gender) For years, I have had a propensity to "check out babes" and I still do-I'm guessing about 20 today alone.

But I have always tried to keep it in check. I don't make crude comments off the cuff to women, or blatantly stare (unless I can get away with it) and I don't openly flirt in front of my wife or kids. I never act like a pig to a woman-unless I know her well, and am certain that she will accept it in the good spirit in which it's offered. I always try to be a Gentleman-and a sincere one.

That said, considering the wall that I hit in this marriage-and the total realization that my membership here has brought into full light, it seems a Godsmack has occurred.

I still think the same way, but in the past; I was always able to direct it into my marriage, and ,,,release the pressure there.

But lately, it seems I am the one with less desire to do anything in the marriage. She doesn't seem to mind-nothing has changed on her part, but,,,,damn.

I gotta get this part of it straight (no pun intended). The ability is still there-little Freddie the kickstand keeps me from tipping over in my sleep every night, but,,,when I have a chance to tear off a piece, lately-I've been,,,,,"meh" and do something else.

Talk about karma...
Bfinally Bfinally
51-55, M
Nov 23, 2012