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A Strange Twist, Dammit!

I've always been a bit of a horndog. As one of the groups states, I don't have a dirty mind, I have a sexy imagination.

I have had some of the best lines for laughs and cringes among "the guys" (which has included a few of the fairer gender) For years, I have had a propensity to "check out babes" and I still do-I'm guessing about 20 today alone.

But I have always tried to keep it in check. I don't make crude comments off the cuff to women, or blatantly stare (unless I can get away with it) and I don't openly flirt in front of my wife or kids. I never act like a pig to a woman-unless I know her well, and am certain that she will accept it in the good spirit in which it's offered. I always try to be a Gentleman-and a sincere one.

That said, considering the wall that I hit in this marriage-and the total realization that my membership here has brought into full light, it seems a Godsmack has occurred.

I still think the same way, but in the past; I was always able to direct it into my marriage, and ,,,release the pressure there.

But lately, it seems I am the one with less desire to do anything in the marriage. She doesn't seem to mind-nothing has changed on her part, but,,,,damn.

I gotta get this part of it straight (no pun intended). The ability is still there-little Freddie the kickstand keeps me from tipping over in my sleep every night, but,,,when I have a chance to tear off a piece, lately-I've been,,,,,"meh" and do something else.

Talk about karma...
Bfinally Bfinally 51-55, M 1 Response Nov 23, 2012

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Maybe your body is trying to tell you it possible little Freddie desires more than just "a piece"....and your soul tells him you need to keep looking?
Maybe its worth the wait to end up in the arms of the "right" one?

I hope that passion is right around the corner for you sir. And as we hens like to cluck at each other : ) , you do not need to settle.

Thanks, Emily. I agree 100%. But first things first, and so I've been able to get back to tricking myself. For now.

I wish I knew how you do that B. For me its hell being with the wrong person, even if its tecnically the right thing to do. I am cheating everybody...including myself. Or at least thats how it feels. : ( I need gorilla man lessons.

Thanks, Emily. I have no choice, in my mind. There is no greater love than that of a parent for a child and I don't want my kids being damaged from a broken home, as I have experienced the consequences of it in my own marriage. I came from a loving 2-parent home, my wife saw a lot of bitterness and break-up. That stops with her generation. At least for my kids. But I am no superman-the price has been heavy and will get worse.