I Hear And Feel Your Pain

I never could have guessed that there were so many out there in the same situation as I. Married 29 years, 12 were good, the rest... on a downward spiral. So, so sad. If I could say anything it's this- you people who are young, in relatively new marriages, try to fix it, go the extra mile to put it back on course! I wish I had. So many years lost, for the both of us. Don't give up, keep trying! God Bless, Allan.
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4 Responses Jan 20, 2013

I whould like to go back three years and fix it when it went bad for us.

I don't remember writing this but I agree with it. Since then I've taken the big step and filed for divorce. I know we'll both be happier apart than together, the chasm can never be breached. I tried last summer and was only mocked and met with negativity. It was difficult- I still can hardly believe I'm doing this- but I'm looking forward to it!!!

totally agree and if you're not willing to fix it then let the other person go who gives it 100%...don't be selfish...they deserve to be happy with someone who's into working at a great marriage.

Why are you still in this marrage if you are so unhappy? Your age should not stop you from looking for a better and happier life. If you are not ready to give up then you owe it to yourself to try to change your current situation. It's not to late for anyone, including you.