First Encounter

I'm no writer but thought i would try and share my story with you. I have had two encounters in my life so far but neither planned or expected. The following is the story of my first. The second i will share if anyone wants to hear it later.

At around 19 i moved to Milan and i got my first apartment. It was a one bedroom flat and i loved it.
I worked teaching English as a second language so made quite a few friends.

I made friends with a girl of 24 called Lucy. She was shorter than my 5ft 7 with short dark hair with a figure most women would only dream about having, including me. A few of us tutors frequently went out for a drink or two to the local clubs and one even Lucy brought her flatmate, Eva out with her.

After quite a few drinks later it was decided that Lucy and Eva were going to crash at my apartment in order to save money and anyone travelling home late, all alone.

So once back at the flat we had a few giggles then all climbed in to my double bed for a well earned drunken sleep.

I awoke around an hour later to hear light moans and groans, whilst pretending to be asleep i peeked at the girls, whom i could barelt make out in the moonlit bedroom. They were entwined and kissing each other, Lucy i could see closest was rolling her tongue over Eva's lips then neck and i could make out hands moving under the duvet.

I have to say i was alittle shocked but my ***** was reacting to their actions and becomming very wet.

To this day i do not know if they sensed me awake and watching or if they intended to wake me but i felt a hand run up my thigh then fingers push my panties to one side as they teased my wet and aching *****.

Before i knew it i was eager to feel what another womans ***** felt like so i gently eased my fingers over Eva's pert little bottom and down past her *** to feel her ***** from behind. She pushed herself further on to my hand so i slide a finger inside of her as she rocked on to my finger moaning.

Lucy realised what was happening and moved over to me whilst removing her panties. She took my other hand and placed it on her ***** so i could finger her too. It was such a turn on, knowing i was fingering two girls at the same time they both were feeling and fingering me.

I swear my neighbours must have heard the noises of pleasure comming from my room that night, especially when after being licked and teased by both Lucy and Eva, it was my turn to taste ***** for the first time.

Eva laid back as Lucy and i both licked her ***** until it was her turn to scream with pleasure. I will never forget the sexy surprise i got as she grinded her wet ***** on to my face as she came. My tongue was in her ***** and my nose brushing against her **** as she slightly squirted as her pleasure grew to ******.

Lucys turn was next and Eva and i licked her in to submission. I had gotten a little braver by now so i filled her with my fingers as i licked her clean.
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I certainly did!!

Thats awesome your lucky,that was done with tenderness and caring. When someone takes the time to please you thats the greatest.

ok sure think this thread is getting rather long now lol

Yes so true about things that weren't meant to be,ok I think I will share the new stories over in the other area we chatted,makes sense?

I'm always up for a story you tell them so well!<br />
i think some things are just never meant to be. Maybe the idea of Libby and the other girl would be better than the reality .. just a thought though

Well I would have changed a few things like the night the girl I had semi dated and talked on the phone with all the time finally just called and said "can we just have sex,maybe be sex friends"?I have no clue why i did not take her up on it because I liked her a lot and always had the hots fro her.That I regret,the same with this girl named Libby,she wanted the same but I just didn't go for it.Hmm well not sure where I would be today if I had.

I would have to agree with you i think looking back at my teens etc, i didn't half meet some characters hehe i wouldn't change most of it though.

I have also had many times where it almost happened but for some reason we stopped.I have always wondered why back then I went for it and often times I just decided not to go all the way.Three people in perticular come to mind,I can share those stories with you as well if you are up for reading some fun stories today.Well as long as I have the office to myself ha ha ha.Wouldn't want someone's eyes peering over my shoulders now would I!

That is an observation I have wondered myself.I think the reason why most of these people are not around at all nor do I know where they are is because this all happened during my wild late teens and 20's years.Plus the job i had made for those types of situations to occur.The reason I have never told that story is because I have always suspected that she was a prostitute but I don't know for sure.She never asked for money nor did she allude to any money but everytime I think back to the incident I come away thinking that and I have never gone to a prostitute for that ever.Well anyway that is a secret I have never shared until now.

Now i'm wondering whatever happened to her too lol <br />
<br />
Its strange how some people can spend a moment in your life yet have more of an impact or create a vivid memory than some people who may spend years in your life.

I was driving home from my shoe salesman job one night.I was sent to a mall that was about an hour and 15 minutes away from where I lived to manage it.we closed at 9 on week days and as I got on the main highway I noticed a girl half heartedly thumbing for a ride so i stopped and gave her a ride.I asked where too and she said it doesn't matter just as far as you are going.So as I drove she was telling me she lived with a guy that never gave her any sex.she was a nympho and could not be satisfied and she needed it all the time.That was a first for me ,someone being so blunt and forward like that.She said that she sometimes would hitch a ride and just hang out wherever she ended up and get a hotel and stay the night and get a ride back home,she did this when she was just tired of being around her live in b/f.So as we drove she told me that she had been playing all day trying to get off with drum sticks,toys,other ob<x>jects.At that time i had never had anyone tell me anything like this so naturally it turned me on and made me inquisitive.She also told me she could tell I was not after anything by the look in my eyes.I asked how she knew,she said that guys that want something can't help but look her up n down and make certain eye contact.She felt I was a safe and good guy so she felt comfortable with me.As we drove she got undressed and started playing using her fingers,rubbing her lips,sliding fingers in n out.I would glance over but tried also to keep my eyes on the road.As she played she would just talk as if nothing was different than when i first picked her up.I found a place to park on a dark hardly lit road so i could watch her and talk to her.She told me she loved riding different ob<x>jects for the fun of it.So she lifted her *** up an and slide onto the shifter and rode it slowly as i watched her.what a turn on that was,I could not believe what I was watching.she did that for a bit then said "I would also like to taste you",so me being naive often to my detriment but not this time,said how do you want to taste me.She leaned over unzipped my pants pulled me out and swollowed me in one try.All the way down she went to the ba<x>se of the shaft then back up,up n down and cupped the twins as she did this.She said she just loved deep throating a guy.I just leaned back and enjoyed it,she knew what she was doing.She did that till I could not take it anymore and told her it was about to happen but she said so let it happen.Not more than 3 minutes later,huge explosion and she just keep going up n down on the shaft.She got up and said"watch me now".So I sat against my door and watched her play till she came,she came 3 times.We talked for hours and then i said I need to go home,where would you like me to take you.She said nowhere this is fine and she got out,thanked me and walked off into the darkness.I have always wondered whatever happened to her,didn't even know her name.

Hmm have one or two stories about work i could tell .. <br />
<br />
I don't really get chance to travel much with work, well no where fun lol

How about hotel fun,any stories along those lines or even travel stories?Do you ever travel for work?

Ha you and me both got the boredom bug,hmm well at least we always find something fun to do while bored!

Haha bet she was so embarrassed i would have been. Did make me giggle though <br />
<br />
I was about 25 when that particular occassion took place but lets just say it most certainly wasn't the last time i got mischievous .. what can i say i get bored easily lol

Wow now that is hot!Omg how old were you when that happened?<br />
<br />
Ok this is just a funny story I think.I went to meet a girl I casually went out with for lunch at her bank job.She was very tall and too skinny and always wore heels and dressed up.She was a special banker meaning she handled large balance accounts at this bank in a rich area.I sat down on a chair off to the side waiting for her,she was talking to a customer and I think she got cocky and showing off because I was sitting there waiting for her.She leans back in her chair ,long legs crossed,pin in hand and just listening to her customer.Slowly but unbeknownst to her the chair was coming out from under her.Like slow motion her chair falls back,she lands on her back,her legs straight in the air kinda spread open.She had on a skirt,nylons and heels.The customer leans over the desk slightly to still make eye contact but acts as if nothing has happened.We leave for lunch and she asks"did anyone see anything",I said "nope no one saw your lacy thong under your sheer nylons while those long legs of yours were straight in the air".We both laughed so hard and just joked about that for a long time to come.

Ive had a few occasions were ive nearly been caught but only one where i was actually caught, i will tell you that one as its quite funny and car orientated like your story.<br />
<br />
Drving home down a country lane type road with a guy i used to date, i started to get bored. Anyone who knows me knows me being bored usually equals to mischief so whilst he was driving i began stroking his thigh through his jeans then slowly moving my hand further up towards his groin.<br />
<br />
He began squirming slightly in his seat and i could see the effect i was having and most certainly liked it as i began to rub his semi hard shaft through his jeans. He offered to pull over but i refused, it was kind of getting me off seeing him squirm.<br />
<br />
After a few minutes i unzipped his jeans and he helped take out his now harder shaft, i very slowly ran my fingertips from ba<x>se to tip, circling the end then took him in the palm of my hand as i massaged his hard on alternating movements and pressures. <br />
<br />
As gentle whimpers and moans left his lips i noticed the amount of pre *** visible on his thick hard shaft and i couldn't resist any longer. I posistioned myself closer then to his utter suprise i slowly ran my tongue around the tip of his shaft whilst cupping and massaging his balls.<br />
<br />
His pleasurable moans grew as did his shaft as i swallowed every inch of his shaft sucking it as deeply in to my throat as possible, i wanted to take it so deep i could lick his balls at the same time. He began panting and writhing in his seat, begging me to let him pull over as he felt his imminent release about to occur but everytime he got close id stop and then start all over again.<br />
<br />
After a while the car came to a standstill but being lost in the moment i didn't/couldn't stop swallowing his shaft. Until i heard him whimper something about stopping then as i looked up we were positioned at a road junction and a large white van was waiting at the side of us containing a rather over interested driver.<br />
<br />
So i figured what the hell he's seen it now, so i lowered my head and continued suckling until i felt him grind his shaft further in to my warm mouth ans then filling it with warm fluid.

I did see her again,we went out to dinner and movies,blossomed into a semi relationship but nothing excited me like that drive home from the ski resort.Have you ever almost been caught or even been caught doing something?Love to hear about it.

Steeling a moment when you may get caught always a turn on. Did you see her again after that ?

Four of us were driving home from a day of skiing,this girl Tammy,myself in the back seat,in the front was Ron and Naomi.Tammy was not my girl friend but she sat right next to me and pulled a sleeping bag over us to stay warm on the drive home.The car was and old VW of some sort with almost not heat coming out of the vents so it made sense to bundle up.As we drove down the mountain her hand went from touching my hand slightly to on my knee to up my thigh and she starts to rub me.At first I can't believe that is happening as that had never happened before.Her head leans over and rest on my shoulder and she is just staring down as if she could she through the sleeping bag watching her own very moves.That was exciting for some reason to see her just staring down and imagining what she was doing.I felt her hand tug at my ski pants till the button and velcro came undone.I felt her hand slip under my boxers and pull my slightly swollen shaft up,pointing up my tummy.She then rubbed the backside or underneath side of it she drove me crazy.I could not believe what she was doing.I let her play for awhile as I starred straight ahead watching to see if either of the two looked back at us.She got me so excited that i wanted to lay her down right there spread her legs and ride her but of course i could not do that.She worked me up to the point that the head got so sensitive that it almost exploded.I whispered that it probably best we didn't go that far.She whispered back that she wanted me to take her all the way.So my hand made it's way under her ski pants and I felt the softest smoothest skin ever.It felt like she had just put lotion on the softness was that obvious to me.Hmmm my fingers made their way to her **** and i rubbed it slowly with two fingers sliding them down then back up then rotating in circular motion her swollen throbbing slit.She almost let out a moan but she buried her mouth into the sleeping bag at the last moment.I continued knowing she wanted me to her off.So I slowed down so that I could make it last longer.Slowly my fingers went inside and I fingered in n out slowly and deeper every time till she started to move up n down riding my fingers.I knew if I didn't get her off quickly now she would become loud so i thrust in n out deep and fast and I slightly held her head down onto the sleeping bag and then I felt her body shudder and quiver.I felt hot juices pouring out,gushing out,all over my two fingers.I cupped her swollen ***** and held her while she throbbed and bit down on the sleeping bag.It lasted over one minute but it seemed like it was not going to end.Finally her shoulders dropped,hr body slouched and I knew she was finished.She fell asleep on my shoulders with a huge smile on her face.My friend in the front seat never said a word nor looked back at us.

BTW you are a writer you just don't know how good you really are,very nicely written,enjoyed it immensely.

Oh you have awesome stories,very hot I must say.Hmm want a quick short story?

Wow just read your story .. not only me that can write a story !<br />
I enjoyed it lots n lots n lots n lots hehe .. thanks for sharing

No problem with you being male or female i just didn't realise lol so my second experience happened around 6 years ago. <br />
<br />
It took place during a night out with the girls. Standing by the busy dance floor with my friends i noticed a woman dancing kept staring at me and smiling, anyway after quite a while and by now obviously paranoid i had another head growing, i popped to the ladies.<br />
<br />
I checked myself out in the mirror and apart from looking rather hot and bothered i appeared my normal self so i took my turn in the loo. <br />
<br />
After flushing i opened the door to find the woman standing there smiling i attempted to move out of the way to let her in as i left however she had different ideas.<br />
<br />
She was only a little thing but she pushed me back in to the loo and shut the door with her leg, i stood slightly unsure what was happening but feeling slightly drink fueled i wasn't very quick to move. She moved to standing in front of me and said she had wanted to touch my long blonde hair all night and as she stroked my hair, asked if i would mind if she kissed me.<br />
<br />
I don't remember replying but she must have taken it as silence means yes as the next thing i knew, she was kissing me. I remember she tasted like sweet wine as she probed past my lips with her tongue.<br />
<br />
Her hands began to caress my breasts through my blouse as she nibbled my bare neck and shoulders, i could feel myself getting wet. <br />
<br />
She whispered in my ear how beautiful she thought i was and asked me if i wanted to 'touch her' when i replied that i did she took my hands and slowly glided it up her skirt whilst leaning back against the cubicle wall. I felt the fabric of lace touch my finger tips as i massaged her obviously wet ***** through her panties.<br />
<br />
She seemed so wet and ready that i couldn't resist sliding my fingertips inside her panties and in to her eager lips. I thrust hard with my fingers until i could feel her throbbing inside then moved over to the toilet seat i sat down, pulled her panties to the side and took her in my mouth. <br />
<br />
I was very suprised how quick it took for her to come as i licked her ***** as i thrust my fingers inside her. I think the others waiting for the ladies must have heard her comming or something as someone kicked the door making us both jump so at this point we straightened ourselves out and left the cubicle making out we were just girls sharing a loo, as they do haha<br />
<br />
She continued to watch me through the duration of the evening and smile at me but i kind of lost my nerve a little so stayed with my friends.<br />
<br />
Hope you enjoyed my story

I lift her up,she was a mere 105 lbs with long brown hair,tiny little waist,and long legs for her height and off we go to her bedroom.The only light on was from her living room that sent some light into her bedroom.That was just enough light for me to see her reactions to my efforts.I stop at the edge of the bed stand her up and she immediately bends over the bed and grabs my throbbing shaft .Slowly the head presses against her moist lips and she rubs the head up n down the length of her slit.She arches her back and plants her face into the comforter and turns her face sideways to look back up and me gripping her hips and slowly rotating my hips as the head is still being slide up n down her slit.Her hand now guides the head inside of her hot wet box and she moans as she feels the throbbing head part her lips.I slowly enter her inch by inch till it gets burried deep inside then slowly pull it back till the head is just barely in.This make her start to push her *** back at me wanting me to go faster.I oblige her and begin to thrust in n out a little faster and harder.I can see her mouth wide open taking in air and moaning at the same time.My hands slowly run up the side of her hips to the roundness of her *** and I grip her cheeks holding them steady as I thrust faster n harder.My hips slap against her cheeks making a nice skin on skin sound that made me want to go faster.We continue for 40 or more minutes till she asks me to stop so that we can get on the bed.I slide her up on the bed and I follow her and she flops face down and she spread her legs and I enter her and we continue our fast paced pounding session.She enjoys this to no end as she now becomes louder in her moans.I have clearly hit a good spot deep inside of her wet hot box.Her fist clench the comforter as I ride her and pound her.She says she is coming close to her big moment but wants to face me when it happens so I get up she turns over straddles my back with her legs and I slip right in again and continue pumping in n out,deep,fast,hard,and deliberate.She is now breathing hard ,her chest is heaving,her as is coming off the bed and pulling into me hard as I thrust and pump her mercilessly.She tells me she is so close to keep going ,that make me thrust faster and harder,non stop,pounding away till she lets out a scream and she explodes making her legs grip my backside so firmly I almost lost my breath.She has a lock on my with her legs but I continue to pump and much as I could while she was is lost in her ******.We come to a stop and she is breathing heavy so I slowly pull out and kiss my way down between her thighs and suck her swollen lips inside my mouth and massage them with my tongue.She coos and relaxes as I slowly devour her wetness till her breathing has come back to normal.I slowly make my way up and we kiss for another 30 minutes till she tells me she is ready again.I turn her on her side lift her right leg up she grabs the back of her knee to her it up and i enter her and slowly start to going in n out,slow long thrust ,just enjoying feeling the shaft slide in and out of her wet lips.We slowly fall asleep cuddled up.The next morning we take a shower together enjoy some sex in the shower and then I left.I called her a few times but we never got together again.That is one of my older women stories fro you,hope you liked.

Ha ha thats great,yes I am male hope that is ok.Do you want the second part of the story?It is after all a male and female story!

Ha ha thats great,yes I am male hope that is ok.Do you want the second part of the story?It is after all a male and female story!

Sounds like a fond memory .. didn't even realise you were male lol Im new here can't you tell !<br />
<br />
I will await your next installment

Well I used to write and share my experiences often but then i stopped for a long time.I only discovered the website in the last 3 days so maybe it is time to share one of my stories again.I can give a short version if you like right now!<br />
<br />
I was a womens shoe salesman when I was in my late teens early twenties.Sold many a pair of shoes to women and enjoyed the job immensely.One afternoon a very petite classy professional woman came in,tried on several pairs of shoes and purchased some dressy heels.Later in the evening before closing I noticed she was coming back to the store,I figured she found something else and wanted to return them.She walked in looked around made her way over to me and just made small talk while I straighted displays out and gathered shoes left out from other customers.I was working with just a cashier to close.My customer got around to asking if I would like to join her for dinner at a restaurant on the mall grounds.I said absolutely I would love that.I was 22 at the time she was 34.I followed her to the restaurant and we ate dinner,had some drinks and talked till the restaurant closed,11 pm.She asked me if I would join her for another drink at her condo which wasn't too far so i accepted.<br />
We got in her place she offered for me to sit down and relax while she got into something more comfortable.She disappeared into her bedroom,came out 5 minutes later wearing a see through nightie and a thong.She walked over and straddled me and we began to kiss for what seemed like hours.She slowly pulled me down onto her as she laid back on the couch and we continued kissing.She slowly lifted her nighties and pulled it over her head only to be left in a pink lacy thing.<br />
She had beautiful green eyes and drk brown hair,fit and petite and full of energy.She tugged at my dress shirt begging me to pull it off which i did once I stood up.As soon s I stood up she slipped her thong off and there she laid gorgeously staring at me,one foot up on the top of the back of the couch the other foot hanging off the couch,spread wide open and wanting me to climb on top of her.I undressed and lowered myself onto her and I went right for her round perky breasts and devoured them making her moan and squirm.Her back arched and her hips began to thrust up at me firmly and continuely wanting me to enter her.I was enjoying licking and sucking her nipples that I did not even notice her feet were now wrapped around mt neck and she was whispering in my ears for me to carry her to her bed.....<br />
<br />
I will need to put this story in two parts.Hope you want to second part so please let me know if i should finish the story.

I do enjoy writing but ive never really thought i had much talent lol <br />
<br />
I would have to say the inital moment of realisation of what was happening when i awoke, i was so shocked and suprised but then it turned me on .. watching them and hearing their pleasure.<br />
<br />
Have to say that exploring a ladys curves is rather sensual too .. being able to take your time and feel the sensual power flowing through you, knowing how much your turning them on.<br />
<br />
So have you had any similar experiences?

So what part of that night would you say was your favorite part or which part can you visualize the best?I do think your story will set in my mind for a long time to come ,it is that good and well written story and i read a lot.

Thank you for your kind words. I have to admit that i never got the chance to have anymore bedroom fun with the girls. the opportunity never arose and if im honest i was a little embarrases being only a young girl with very little sexual experience.

Oh my you are a writer,that was a perfectly well written account of what you experienced.Very hot,very enticing and you told your story well.Was this the only time you enjoyed an evening with your two friends or did it happen more often?Would love to read your other encounter sometime.Thank you for that story.