Where Do I Begin?

Although I have enjoyed manual and oral **** play with another man, I still classify myself as "bi-curious" because it's not something I can get interested in with just any man. When the right combination comes along, it can be some nice, hot fun!  For instance, one of our friends came by yesterday at our invitation.  He makes it a "true" ********* with my wife and me.  She loves it that he and I stroke and suck each other while taking care of her.  Example: he was eating her ***** and stroking my **** while I was kissing her and playing with her breasts.  When he started ******* her in the missionary position, I knelt by her head so she could suck my **** and he helped her suck it while pumping his **** in her *****.  His wife has joined us a couple of times, but there can be no man/man play with her around!

I've been in a few situations such as a sauna where another man comes in and we each play with our own **** while talking about women.  It's still hot just watching another man stroke his ****, even if I'm not helping.  Seeing another man get his **** hard satisfies part of my bisexual curiosity, I suppose.  I saw plenty of that when there was a GLBT nudist resort nearby and most of the men stayed naked all the time; lots of dicks to watch there.  Several of the men played with my **** and I enjoyed a few of theirs.  The main interest for me was being around other men with me totally naked and letting my **** do what it wanted to do!
SwGaMan SwGaMan
61-65, M
Dec 8, 2012