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I'm a happily married guy, with the best wife the world could offer, but I can't stop thinking about been used by a married couple. I have these urges about a woman seducing me then taking me back to hers. Stripping me down, turning me on and strapping me to her bed, so I can be used by her and her husband / boyfriend. The thought of been helpless makes me go wild!!!, been made to please the pair of them......... I can't stop thinking about it...... anyone will to help me with this, whether it be just talking about it or even doing it.... I need something........ Joey
joeybuck joeybuck
31-35, M
2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

I would like to use you while your wife watches. Add me if you please

I love this idea too! I think the fact that you are turning on other guys (like me!) is a step towards being used by a man for his pleasure!