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Married and Bi-curious

I am a man, married to a woman.  I am very curious about being with a guy, and I suspect that I'm probably bisexual.  I haven't ever acted on it,  and I won't cheat on my wife, so I guess I never will act on it.

bcg56 bcg56 36-40, M 25 Responses Aug 13, 2008

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I know where y'all are coming from, Their is no way I could tell my wife the way I feel but the thought of sucking my first **** is always there. I was molested as a child and forced to suck a teenage boys **** every day for about two week in fear that he would tell all my friends the I was a sissy. Even though that was almost 60 years ago I think I can still remember the feeling and taste of my first **** and would love to get the chance to try it on my turms. I probably lost a chance yesterday I was out riding on my harley and stopped at a red light and a guy probably in is fifty's pulled up along side of me a a fine looking BMW all perl white and chrome, I commented of us fine looking and bike and he gave a a smile and asked where I was going ??? Like a JACKASS I told him I was headed to WalMart and watched him ride off I should have asked where he was headed !!! I'm running out of chances LOL

Myself, I don't fantasize about sucking **** necessarily, I just like the idea of exploring another man's body, and having him explore mine. It's the idea of being so turned on, anything goes.

I know how you all feel. I had that same thing going on. One day I just said screw it and I let a guy suck me off. Since then, I've let a number of guys blow me. I've shared a couple of those stories on here. I've even finally sucked a few. But, I've not had a guy *** in my mouth yet. I even ****** a guy once during an MFM session, with a condom of course. Now I'm curious about what it's like to be ******.<br />
I want to say though, for me, there's no substitute for ***** and ****. I have withdrawals if I can't suck a **** and lick a *****. And ****, omg, I can't live without sucking and fondling a pair of ****.

I've had oral sex with men (love to do this, don't know why some women don't), but am anxious to do more. We used to share a girlfriend (very hot) and I wondered what it would be like to have him in me. I think 2012 with be the year I lose my virginity. Now all I need to do is find a gentle man to let me suck him and **** my ***.

I wish I could open up about it to my wife. She has stated before that she thinks it's wrong and not interested in that. It consumes so much of my thought, I need to act on it.

i am 33yo i have been married for 13 years and together with my wife for 15 years. last night we talked and i told her that i think i am bi, she was very open about it and said she has thought that for a long time. she asked if it is something that i would like to try and i told her that it was, i asked what if i liked it and wanted to keep doing it. i dont wanna cheat on my wife i love her with all my heart and don't wanna do anything to lose her, the one thing that is really bothering me is she said she would be open to letting me continue if that is what i wanted, but that she would expect me to be open than to her sleeping with other men! i do not think that i could ever handle that and she thinks i am a hypocrite for that, i think that is the only reason that i will never act on my feelings, i am lost i dont know what to do here! can anyone point me in the right direction? please help

Well, if you want to play you have to pay. What I mean is that if she is willing to let you explore than you need to let her do the same. Obviously she has been thinking about it herself if she said that to you. Me and my wife have other partners and it works for us. It takes some getting used to I will admit. But as long as you are open about it, it can work. I am bi curious too but haven't done anything yet. I really want to and I think if I present that to her she will accept it. We have kind of talked about it and I think she would be ok but I know she would not want any part of it herself. She has no desire to see two men together.

Go with your gut feeling on this. She is willing to let you explore. Just keep an open mind with her and it could be amazing for both of you!

The same feeling here, I love my wife and to cheat is as bad as it is for me too, and then some so I havent tried anything yet. But I have this longing to share that body contact with another guy, bugger I am in far off Malaysia and havent found any guys like you that is so open.

Instead of sharing this with stranger, why havent you shared this with your wife? I wonder if your marriage is any good if you have to keep this to yourself.

I don't find men very attractive, but I love sucking c**k. I think about it most of the time, and occasionally act on it. I'm married with children and love to look at women, but there's nothing like a good c**k once in a while.

I feel the same way. Just don't know how to act on it.

After many time's of running it through my mind of how I could tell anyone.<br />
I finally told my wife about my feeling. Fearing the worse, and the thought of her kicking me out.<br />
She said,you know I'm open minded, and if this is what you want thats up to you.<br />
<br />
By my big mistake was, that when I had met someone that I wanted to explore with, I didn't tell her about it till it had happened. That was more hurtful & dishonest.<br />
That will never happen again.

Well, maybe you will never act on it, but if you really are curious you will probably just wonder about it the rest of your life while other folks are exploring. I say just do it at least once, preferably with a gentle man who is respectful and easygoing.

I know exactly what you mean. I've been curious for a long time, but haven't acted on it.

Just think...God loves you even though you may have been told otherwise. He has not forgotten you. He loves all human beings. He is very kind and merciful too. Ok, enough from me.

Well, you might not like my comment but I owe you n others my perspective on this topic. Whatever happened to a thing called "self control"? When we attempt to collect fantasy and bring it into reality the is not well advised. Reality is quite different than fantasy. Accept that you are a person, a human being and God loves you and wants to reason with you for a bit.

I'd like to find the same situation to experiment, 3 or 4 other guys like me, married and curious, just meet somewhere descreet and see what happens

Me too! It's good to know there are others out there too.

I have always fantasised about being with both men+women ( Had 4 Stranger's- ***** come in my mouth between when I was 18+25 but were all clumsy/drunk + not satisfying enough!!)But am now 47 + constantly aroused thinking about going MUCH FURTHER if the opportunity arises.....MAYBE SOMEONE COULD TEACH ME HOW TO BECOME A WANTON COCKSLUT ????

Why thank you Fun55. Was quite nerves at first , but before you know it I got right into it. Still waiting for the opportunity to arise ( no pun intented)

There was this one time ,I hooked up with a couple of guys on line. I had to try it at least once.Well there way four of us,we all meet at this one guy's house. The deal was, we all got naked in his living room (being new to this)The owner of the house , came over to me (I'm sitting on the couch)and started to feel my balls.the next thing you know ,he's sucking on of the other guys (one with a big one, sitting next to me )was pulling on my nipples.The other guy ,just standing there,I reach over and start pulling on his ****.<br />
The owner pulls me off the couch ,I'm laying on my back(legs wide open)on the floor.We start doing a sixty-nine with each other.I couldn't take all of him(without gagging)but he deep throated me.While this is happening ,I reached over and pulled on the **** closess to me . The owner got up , went to Mr. big ****, and started sucking him off.So the guys balls I was pulling on, turned around and sat on the couch.I got on my knees , and start sucking on his ****, ******* him off.He said he was about to come, I start sucking again. He did , he came in my mouth ,but I keep on sucking till he was done. <br />
I stood up, he started sucking me. I watch the owner ,sucking on Mr. big **** Damn what a load he shot. The owner stood on the couch over Mr. big **** and came all over Mr.big ****.Before you know it ,it was my turn, my guy was ******* me off and shot my wad.<br />
Being new to this , I guess I wasn't suppose to swallow.We all went out side after we cleaned up abit.Had a beer or two and smoked some cigarettes and talked about what we all just did.<br />
It was fun , I think I would do it again,if I 'd had another chane at it. May be go a little farther the next time.Who knows, thats a may be.

what a fantastic story! the greatest one I think I have heard on this site, or any other

I have re-read your story and it is the greatest story I think I have heard on the internet!

Thank you so much, and every bit is true

Maybe suck a **** with your wife

I also have for the first time really begun to fantasize about this. II think it t has everything to do with living in a sexless marriage. Affairs I have had, too many really, and there is too much baggage connected to them to want to go the route again. Sucking a **** maybe easier and quicker.

tmafio ... no, we're not alone ...

Quester, it's good that you have some outlet. Do you get to do much when it's MMF with your wife?

I know the exact feeling... I always thought I was the only married man who is crazy about women to have these feelings.

The same feeling here, I love my wife and to cheat is as bad as it is for me too, and then some so I havent tried anything yet. But I have this longing to share that body contact with another guy, bugger I am in far off Malaysia and havent found any guys like you that is so open.