I Cannot Believe It

I have been married over 15 years now, but husband has known for a while that I am bi-curious.  He told me that he has been in touch with a female friend from college.   He said they were real close in college, nothing ever happened because she is gay.  They would check out women together.  He said that she may be willing to help me with my curiosity.  I am so excited, nervous, scared, anxious.  I do not know what!  i cannot believe he did that for me.  He is so awesome!!! 

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7 Responses Feb 23, 2009

You're very lucky. I'd like my wife to be bi.

Cominx - If he doesn't want sex any more its not fair for him to expect you to do without, no doubt you could find plenty of willing men and women to help with your needs and curiosities. My wife has the same curiosities and is the same age as you, I'm totally encourgae her to explore it. She hasn't yet but when she's ready I'm fine with it...., I just want to watch., my only condition!

My wife of 29 years has finally admitted to being interested in other women sexually and even said she might do it if the opportunity presented itself....., I'm just figuring out how to find an opportunity and get her hooked up with the wife!

LOL so whens the performance :-P

Of course he wants to watch

Sounds like he owes you one anyway :-)

any developments yet?