I'm Losing My Mind

I've been with my husband 6+ years and had forgotten what it felt like to love someone. He is an ***, an abusive *** to me, but our kids see it, so to them too.
I've been talking to someone, and I really like talking to him. I don't know what it is- I just know the days I talk to him are so much better than the days that I don't... I look forward to hearing from him, more than I look forward to seeing my husband for sure
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2 Responses Oct 9, 2010

I feel ya, I'm goin thru this right now.<br />
old post I know but similar again to my situ. I'm in a mess over this. I have a crush on someone I'm only gonna be seeing for a few weeks max, then I'll never see him again...it's a lust crush, though I would never fall in LOVE with a man like the one I lust after, too complicated....<br />
<br />

I hope all turns out good for you! Follow your heart and all positive and happy feelings will come to you.