Fallen 4 Someone Else?

I am 22 i have been with my husband for 5 years and married for 4 years. we got married 4 days after my hs graduation. we have a beautiful 2 year old daughter. well a week ago we were out at a party and this guy was there that i was in a couple classes with in hs. so he asked my husband if he could dance with me and of course my husband says yes. being he wasnt dancing with me himself. well the next day this guy messages me on fb and just says thankyou for the dsnce. well we continued messaging each other for a couple days and i started getting feelings for him and he did inform me that he has always been attracted to me. I got butterflies everytime i recieved a message. well me and my husband argue alot and he has a bad habit of talking to me like im a piece of crap. unleas he wanted some and then of course he was the sweetest guy ever. I ended up telling my husband about the messages and he didnt take it so good. but he said he didnt want me to leave cause he loved me so much. so we have been trying to work it out but we still have lil arguments alot. i have quit messaging the other guy but...i constantly think about him. i love my husband but i dont no of i have fallen for someone elae or i fell for attention and how sweet he was to me. idk what to do ?
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2 Responses Jun 9, 2012

Ugh! I am in the same situ, in many ways. I'm not married, but we are getting engaged, thinking of it. I have fallen for my lecturer. I'm 27. Anyone gets crushes, at any age. You don't have to be a teenager. It hurts worse as an adult. This hurts even more than when I found out my High-school crush fancied another girl!

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