Things I Never Said To My Love

This isn't any unique story. It goes something like this:

Girl meets boy. Boy likes girl. They go out, fall in love, get married. Along the way, they fight, they make up, they fight some more. And everything changes after 7 years together.
Then, girl meets another boy. As always, he's nice, charming, funny. And girl falls for him, head over heels. The boy doesn't know. Although he likes her. And makes her feel safe, no matter what.
The thing is, both of them are married. The problem is, the new boy has kids. And the girl never tells him how she feels, because she knows he'll never, ever leave them. Because they NEVER do.

I never got to say to him, how much he means to me. He was my mentor. And a good friend. I feel like, if I tell him, I'll lose him. But, every night, I dread waking up next to someone i don't love anymore.
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Know exactly how you feel and just how lonely that is

Some questions, no answers I'm sorry.
Would life with the new love be all love and roses in a full time, do the shopping, washing, cleaning, cooking, look after the kids, tired, crap day at work, the car needs fixing, no money for treats, someone gets sick, ie real life? After 5 or 7 years?
Does the new love make you notice and focus on the things you don't like about your partner? So it creates a downward spiral? You take for granted the things you like(d) and only see the bad? Sex and desire are different ? New person wants me every time I see him/her but we only get the chance once every three weeks. My partner only wants me once a week and we sleep together every day.

I'm not suggesting anyone should live their lives in the wrong relationship. Life is too short for that. Before I got married the vicar asked me if I thought marriage was for life. I said you should go into it aiming for life, but if it becomes sad and bad and cannot be repaired then end it. She said "what a great answer".
And I nearly made a big mistake a few years back because I didn't ask myself the questions above.
Tho I guess it depends on what answers you get!

MJ you're always asking questions>>LOL...

That's because I have no answers! X

So well said...wish I could express myself so well...

Yes I agree. I feel stuck too in a way, everything started good and now she just doesn't seem to care and yells about nothing all the time. I wish there was a way to just get away for a bit.....even just a week to see if my life is better away.

life is funny like that.. Quandaries... Evolutions.. Compromise.. It's good in a way life does this.. Allows us to go deeper.. We are the only animals with a sense of our own place in the world.. Rather than just exist, we live.. There is a difference. And I could not agree less with the previous comment.

everyday you wake up next to someone you dont love is a day of your life thrown in the garbage