Only 7months Married And Having An Affair

I'm 24 and got married to my husband 7months ago, everything was great apart from maybe the odd money stress and things, I didn't have a job and he was working overtime to earn more so we started drifting a bit, I then got a job which I love and the man who I'm now having an affair with works there, he's above me as in management and he is older, he's 37

We clicked straight away, same sense of humour and always has a laugh if we were on the same shift,

To cut a long story short we started messaging and texting as friends and then it turned into an affair, he's married to and we both know its wrong but we love eachothers company and we have such a laugh, he told me he thought he was falling for me and I said the same, it's been going on for 3months nearly

I just don't know what to do, I love my husband but I don't feel the magic anymore, I don't get excited if I see a text from him but I do if it's from the other man...

We both live very busy lives and finding time to see eachother outside of work is hard but we do and when we do its amazing, sometimes we just sit and chat and other times its more

Part of me wants to stop as I know someone will get hurt but if I was to end it with him I couldn't work with him and its my dream job

Other part of me wants to keep going as I've never felt like this before about anyone

:( totally lost
Roseprick Roseprick
22-25, F
Dec 2, 2012