My Diaper Life

I do all the housework. I wear only a diaper when I am home.She constantly reminds me of my babyish appearance. She teases me about my very small penis.She tells her friends about me.She call's me "Babydick". I complained about her calling be "Babydick" in public and she loudly replied, "would you prefer Diaperboy" ? I shut up and heard giggling from people nearby.
She makes me pull my diaper down and measure my wee wee every day. Then she tells me I am more baby than man as the tape measure,(and the diaper) indicate.Have to change my shameful wet diaper again. I'm so embarrased.

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Nice I love to suck a small penis.

So cute!

Call me. No longer married but still in Diapers.916 288 5147*Glenn the Sissy Diaperboy-girl.

If you ever come to Florida let me know and if I called you what can we talk about. I do love your stories. I'm Sissy Tony 321-443-0115 call friday july 12 2013

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Very nice! Let's chat!

great story. I'm going to enjoy the others. Thanks,<br />
<br />

id love that

U need a DIVORCE! ..& a NEW wife!

makeing fun on a man becuse he has to wear a diaper is not right makeing fun of him becuse he has a small penis is funny but still not nice my husband id 8 1/2 penis and is a bedwetter like me we have fun with diapers