Diapered By My Wife

I have been married for 25 years now to the most wonderful woman in the wolrd. When we first started to date, I spent the night one night at her apratment after we had been out listening to live music and drinking, well I passed out on her sofa and durring the night while I was passed out, i wet myself all over her sofa. When I woke up the following morning, i thought she was going to be furious, but she took it all in stride and giggled and told me that little bedwetting sissies need to be out into rubber pants and diapers at bedtime, I giggled and never gave it much thought until a few weeks later when she asked me to stay at her place for the night again. She took my hand and led me into her bedroom and proceeded to lay me down on her bed, she went to her closet and came back with an arm full of things and set them down on the bed beside me, she had a stack of cloth diapers, baby powder, diaper pins and a large pair of plastic pants ( which she still to this day calls rubber pants). She informed me that based on what happened last time that I could not be trusted to stay dry without protection.She was giggling and then tok a pacifier and gently pushed it into my mouth and told me to suck on my binky. Next she gently pulled my pants and boxers off of me, I just laid there loving all of this attention. Next she told me to lift my sissy bottom up off of the bed so mommy could slide my diapers under her baby. then after she slid the diapers under me, she sprinkled baby powder all over my crotch and gently rubbed it in and pulled the soft bulky diapers up between my legs and pinned them on me. Then she put my feet through the leg holes of the plastic pants and pulled them up over my diapers. she then took her fingers and ran them around the leg openings of my plastic pants as well as the wasite to make sure the diapers were all tucked inside of my plastic pants. I was hooked right then and there and have been her bedwetting sissy ever since....she diapers me every night before bed and makes me wear them all day long on the week ends and when we go on long car trips.....I love it when she is changing my diapers how she softly talks baby talk to me the entire time she is changing my diapers....and if I have been a good baby at bedtime she also likes to have me kiss and suck on her breasts as she gently massages the front of my plastic pants until it causes me to dribble my seed into my diapers while she tells me what a good little sissy i am......crazy as a fox but love it
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You are so lucky, to experience what you do must be incredible

This is proof there is a God, but that even He makes mistakes because He obviously heard my pleas (for just such a wife), but accidentally granted them to you. I'm very envious....


Hot. Very hot! Hope you are good to her...

All I can say is ... OMGaGaGaGaGod.........thanks for sharing this. Of course this is every sissy baby's dream to have such care, attention and love. I would be melted into such a pink puddle of baby mess I'd never be able to recover...

Ok one has got to ask the question - why did she have adult diaper and rubber panties in her apt? Does she also wear? Sounds like you have had a wonderful life

she did not just have them, read the story, it was a few weeks afer I had wet on her sofa, she bought them from a hospital supple store ( was before the internet) but she does enjoy playing the mommy role a lot, i think she likes the power she has over me when she has me dressed in diapers and rubber pasnts

still the question - has she ever worn one with you or used one during a long car trip?

she wore diapers to bed with me the first couple of nights to help get me used to being diapered and to ease my anxieties.....but after the first time she powdered and pinned those soft fluffy diapers on me and pulled the plastic pants on me I was hooked for life and she enjoys being the one in control, so she has not worn diapers since......

thanks. Pitty she doen't still use wear/use them.

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