So the story starts like this, I fell in love with b when I was 14. I have lived him with every ounce of my being s I nice then. Our relationship was tumultuous at least. we were young, and he was dumb. He was not abusive to me, but he did not value me. He is two years older than I, and as we got older he turned 18, and I felt like I lost him. He was always in streets, with his friend, smoking weed, and going to parties. I was the "good" girl. I got good grades, when to college. He always worked. work, work, work, he was always about his money. He never got anything for me, never made it to a birthday, prom, or graduation. we were together 5 years before I had to call it quits. I was in college in a different city, but we still talked like we were together. He still told me he lived me, and I never stopped loving him. ad time went on I found out he had another girlfriend, and she was pregnant. My heart was broken, and I was starting to date my current husband. I was still talking to b, even after everything, I still loved him. One day I found out he had gotten married and I lost it. I decided to cut him out of my life completely. I was married already, and I lived in a different state. I still l I bed him though, I thought about him everyday. at t his point it had been 8.5 years since we had gotten together. I decided to focus on myself and my marriage. my husband is a good man, does the right things a husband should I suppose, but I don't love him the way a woman should love he husband. I still l I bed my ex. recently my ex and I have reconnected after a year and a half. I missed him so much, my heart hurt. I found out he had another baby and that he was single. He apologized for everything he did to me. He has changed so much, I think life and kids have done that. I am more in love with him than I have ever been. He is patient, h e listens to me. He expresses himself, I love him so much. now I want to be with him, but he has a lot more responsibility, and I would be ending my marriage. I have no kids, I'm am finishing up my degree, and I am a very attractive woman. I j ow what I want to do, but it would mean taking on a new role as step mother, and dealing with the kids mother. I don't know what I wrote this for advice, but I do want another prospective
notsostraight notsostraight
Oct 23, 2015