My husband and I have been married for 5 years and we can go days without speaking, we never have sex anymore not so much as a kiss goodbye most days. We have 3 kids so I am a stay at home mom and he works. I'm so tried of being ignored! He's always on his phone or watching tv. About 6 months ago we almost went threw a divorce when I caught him searching Craigslist for local hookups. Now I question myself everyday why I let him convince me to try again, till I realized the only reason I'm in this marriage is for my kids. I have no one to talk to because everyone says he's such a good guy but no one understands they don't see everything that happens behind closed doors. I want to fix my marriage for my family but I'm lost on where to begin. He says he does nothing wrong. I feel like a single mother to 4 kids and I'm about ready to break down, shut out the world and never look back.
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Life is short...put your foot down and try to fix it...or walk away. You are not doing yourself or your children any favors staying in a broken relationship. Kids aren't stupid.

What you describe is so painful. Your husband is a selfish jerk. Make an appointment to see a psychologist, not a "counselor" (minimally trained), and not a "psychiatrist" (as all they do is push meds to numb you). Make an appointment to see a family lawyer the next day. Give you husband a piece of paper saying you'll see him at the doctor's office, or at the lawyer's office....his call. He can grow a pair and learn how to be a loving husband and selfless father, or you can snip his pair! You have to take care of yourself so you'll have enough strength to take care of the 4 lovelies! Give yourself a hug and make the calls!

It may indeed be time to go... I'm so sorry...