2 Months

I have been married 2 months. When i met my husband he was the sweetest most loving guy there was and head over heels in love with me. I know he still loves me but he seems to think that now were married thats it we can each live our lives comfortably side by side but not together if you get what I mean.

On my wedding day I was so nervous and yet so excited and it was great but after the ceromony at the reception it was a completly different matter. He sat with his mates (who he hadn't seen for a while) and barely said 2 words to me. I didn't mind at first but after a while I wandered over to him and within minutes he went away somewhere else. this happened 3 times and y that time I was starting to feel quiet but out. He said the he hated my hairstyle and I should of had it straight and then later he snapped at me cus his mates had to go and he wanted to cut the cake but my sisters had nipped out. So I stormed off and sat crying in the toilet and even though we made up it all went down hill from there.

Since weve been married I quit my job (cus of stress) and although Ive been looking 4 1 I still dont have 1. Yet this is his excuse 4 everything. He has quite a good job so were not struggling for money but he does work extremly hard. So he resents me and talks down to me if I havn't done enough in the house has he would like.

But also its like he doesn't want to know me. Hes been working away 4 3 weeks and now hes back he has a say off and has gone out to the pub by himself with the excuse (I need some time to myself) (By the way I was away for the weekend he got back so he had 3 days to himself).
He doesn't ever do anything he doesnt want to do. His reason the other day was " got engaedto you, I got married to you wahat more do you want."
Also he doesn't really come by me sexually any more I have to beg him almost.
When I try to talk to him he brushes it off and says He loves me.
He never takes me out with his friends even though I find out afterwards they had there girlfriends with them.
And when I try and make plans for us he says he can't be assed and hes tired. Once I asked him if he ewanted to go tho the pub and he said he was 2 tired and then his friend phoned him and he went to the pub with him!?

I just don't understand where the man I thought I d married is gone. I feel like Ive made the biggest mistake in the world and I don't know what to do now.

I know other people are in way worse situations then me. but I guess that I always thought that when I got married Wed live happily ever after and when there was a problem we'd both try and sort it. Thats why I chose an amazing man to marry.

Just dont understand why hes changed

Thanx for listnimng to my rant. Actually feel much better now
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1 Response Jul 21, 2010

I believe to become happy, an individual has to start with themselves. If you're not happy at where you are at right now, then why go forward in trying to keep someone else happy and you get nothing in return. Someone can not show you how much they love you through a piece of paper telling you that you guys are married. Actions speak louder than words, and if he's not willing to show you what you deserve, you don't need him in your life. Just keep your head up high, and do what you feel is right..