i have been married for almost 2 years, however we been together for 9 years. i hate this relationship, living with a man who has no ambition and only complaint when life is getting tough.This is affecting me and I get demotivate too. i have 2 wonderful kids if not for them shake i would be gone long ago.
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2 Responses May 21, 2012

You make it sound like you have it all so hard. I cant even have children so stop your winging and count your blessings. And for the record, I'm sure he wanted to leave you long before you become such a miserable person with two wonderful children.

Split up and increase 4 lives instead of just your own. I was from a broken family, its not all bad, you grow up.

Yes.... life often turns out to be like this... SADLY !<br />
<br />
please avail professional help <br />
and explore possibilities of<br />
invoking some LIFE into it<br />
<br />
Let your steam out, as often<br />
as possible, dont allow them<br />
to CHOKE you dear.......<br />
<br />
ROCK the boat gently and<br />
with a TOUCH of love, <br />
though not ROUGHLY<br />
and CRUDELy......<br />
<br />
Always KEEP your CHIN UP :-)<br />
with very best wishes