Lonely, And Lost

I've been with my husband now for nearly 18 years. We've been married for 14 years. For the last five years or so everything is different. Some days he is the man I married, but most days, he is a stranger, a mean, hard-hearted stranger. He picks about everything I do, and I do every thing. I cook, clean, do laundry, take care if our two kids, and work full time. Nothing I do is ever good enough. He is never affectionate, and we only have sex maybe once ir twice a month. I'm just so over it at this point. I'm so alone, he's alienated all of my friends and family... Looking for a friend...
Trinity1996 Trinity1996
31-35, F
2 Responses Feb 10, 2013

Same here too. Really want out but cant afford and have two kids to fend. Afraid he might not support us if we leave. Still thinking of a way.

Me too! I want out but can't afford it on my own and he knows it