Is Marriage Supposed To Be Like This?

i have beeen with my husband for 3 years and married for 2years, we were forced  into the marriage a week after my 18th  birthday by his parents so it was very small we got married in our normal everyday clothes in a small dark smelly registry office with his mum and dad and a friend there as witnesses, i felt sad as i said 'i do' as though trapped in a world i couldnt escape, it has been a real struggle, he goes out every night with friends drinking and stuff and i have to stay at home and clean, cook, wash and go to work, he is always belittling me infront of his family and friends and has now alienated  me from my friends, i have to give him sex when he wants it other wise he becomes abusive and forces me anyway, he says this is what marriage is the man in charge and the 'little' woman doing as she is told... is this the norm for marriage???
scaredgirlinside scaredgirlinside
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1 Response Aug 4, 2010

That is not normal for marriage. Ur husband sounds like a real ***.