Alone Even When I Am In The Same Room With Him.

I hate my husband. He annoys me. He never stops talking. He farts all the time (I'm not joking). He is disrespectful. He made me quit my job over 4 years ago to go out on the road with him and promised to take care of me. A year later he was unemployed and we were living on unemployment for a year. Then I got a job cuz I couldn't stand being broke anymore. Then he got a job at the same place as me making $35,000 a year less than what he was making on the road... I mean, c'mon. I quit my very stable job because he told me he would take care of me. Now he is always griping that I don't get enough hours and I shouldn't take days off- and I'm like wtf?!?! I don't mean to be a mooch or nothin' but this is not what I was promised when I quit my job in the first place! I used to be spoiled. Now I live in squaller with a guy that thinks he is God's gift to comedy... I am stuck in my birthplace (which I hate!!) because we had to come back and stay with my folks when he lost his job... I'm 30 years old!! He's 37!! WTF?!?!

I can't take this anymore!! It has gotten to the point where I sleep 14 hours a day and I have gained so much weight! I am miserable and all he wants to do is sit around and get effed up. I don't mind partyin' a little but we are just sitting here and never going out and YUCK! I'm not ready to be old and he just makes me feel like I am dead! I can't remember the last time I french kissed him- maybe 8 years ago or something. Ew.

Why do I hate him so bad?!?! I am so lonely!!!!!!

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I've tried that. He just says that I b*&ch too much and says he would like some things to change too. He is not receptive.. he just finds a way to turn it back around on me. I feel like I am talking to a brick wall and just getting an echo.....I know he is there but I can not even stand to look at him anymore...<br />
I am starting to think that maybe it is over..... 13 years later...finally over<br />
seems like such a waste...

Comedy is a hard life, especially if you're not in a town that can support you with paying gigs several nights a week. Road work is fun, but it's a rough lifestyle. In this economy, especially, gigs are scarce. <br />
<br />
That's no excuse to not work, though. My husband and I both are aspiring/semi-pro comics, and I know that a lot of the fights we have are based around the fact that sometimes I feel like our whole life is a set up to some big punchline he's searching for. (And he has a day job, and I am also a comic. Comics are HARD to live with. Myself included.)<br />
<br />
Have you told him how you really feel? I mean, it's harsh, but if there's any hope there at all, he needs to know. Give him an ultimatum. Tell him that he has to meet you in the middle on this one, that you need for something to change.