Becoming A Gay Husband/p2

OK, well this is part 2 of my true story titled Becoming a Gay Husband. I left off with coming out to my sexy but straight wife. We were both 42 at this time and I could no longer handle the reality that my wife only wanted me sexually twice a year or so. I had fallen deep into my 'gay closet' and was enjoying jerrking off daily to shemale and gay pornn instead of waiting until my wife wanted sex. The things that turned me on more than my wife were now numerous...ANY dicck I saw in pictures, calling myself gay, telling myself I didn't want pussyy, telling myself I could not please my sexy wife, telling myself I was not a real man, telling myself I had a gay ccock...ALL these things made me hard now and made me want to ccum. And I WOULD ccum daily in my closet as I told myself that my cute wife now KNEW that I was gay! OMG, I was hard all the time now, knowing that the most important girl in my life now knew my most important secrets...I liked diccks, I was a cocksuccker, as a teen I had a boyfriend, I had suckked more ccock and swallowed more ccum than my wife has or ever will! Some husband, right? But WOW did all these thoughts make me shoot off like a rocket!

I was ccuming 4-5 times a day imagining never having sex again with my cute wife, and being forced to live with only gay sex from now on. As a newly made 'gay husband' I began to imagine what life would be like for me now. I bought my own male thongs, anal plugs, dildoss, ccock rings, and yes even girl's panties for me to wear. If there was something I could wear or something I could do to myself to show that I was gay, then I wanted to do it. OMG, I felt sooo sexy in panties or thongs, I got so excited to have an anal plug inside me, or to be sucking a ddildo like a real gay male. The gay 'solo sex' I was having was SO MUCH more satisfying then the infrequent straight sex that was no longer possible with my sexy wife. Gay fantasies were making me ccum so HARD and so often. Damn, if could could have shared this level of excitement and energy with my hot wife, I would! But she made it clear that she was not happy to have a gay husband and that gay male sex was a complete turn-off to her. She continued her days free from any sexual activity while I imagined myself with a male a full blown gay relationship - dinners out with my bf, vacations on gay cruises, gay dance clubs, omg my hottest fantasy was to one day take my sissy male lover on our gay honeymoon where I would f-ck him and make him my gay bride.

Well, my libido and energy level, coupled with my wife's coldness to me now, led me to my decision that if she didn't want to f-ck, that didn't mean that WE didn't get to was her decision to give up sex and I knew it was not right for her to make that decision for both of us. I began to allow myself to go out to bars and clubs while traveling for business..something I rarely did before. I began to use the fancy hotel gyms and spas. I found it exciting to not have to pretentd I was straight at these places. At bars, I ignored the girls and talked to good looking males insead. At gyms I would shower in the open, or leave a curtain open as I soaped and caressed my body. I would walk from the lockers to the steam room naked, happy with myself and free to show my toned *** and shaved ccock. If I was getting dressed, I would put on my thong and stand at the mirror combing my hair. I loved showing off my gay body to others who might want to look. I would lay naked in saunas and steam rooms..on my back showing my ccock and balls or on my stomach with my round asss pushed up a little. The amounts of interest I commanded were numerous and began quickly. Males would watch me shower, I would be followed into the saunas with my little towel barely hiding me, the empty locker asile wouldn't be so empty as I dropped my towel and slowly pulled my thong up and over my round smooth asss..adjusting the whale-tail at the small of my back and gently tugging the thong across my hairless hole. Hot, strong males who were done with their workout would be all too happy to learn that I was staying at the hotel and heading up to my room soon. On 3 occasions that first year, I did not return to my room alone. A new gay friend would return with me and what followed every time was sex sooo much better than anything I had experienced with my wife in a looong time. I really liked having another ccock in my bed, I liked rubbing two ccocks together as they got hard against each other, I loved having my ccock sucked and my asss licked (2 things my wife would have never done), and OMG..did I love being f-cked!! At the bars I would look for femme males to treat like a girl (dancing, kissing) but at the gym I would want a strong top to take me back and please me with his hard ccock and hot ccum. I wanted once again to play the 'girl role', just like in highschool, and have a gay top male treat me like his horny gay *****..WOW, this sex was amazing and when I was 43, I finally lost my cherry as I came with a **** inside of me for the first time...and I didn't even touch my ddick when it happened...YES, I came like a girl, with a ccock sliding inside me and my orrgasm washing over me as my own ccum shot out onto my chest, face, and yes even over my head! It was no longer fantasy for me...I was now, undeniably a gay male! I felt sexy, proud, and relieved all at once. I sucked my lover off and let him shoot his ccum onto me to mix with my own. He thanked me and left me panting, on my back, naked and spread eagle as he got dressed. It felt sooo sexy to be used that way, to be laying there naked as my man got dressed. I slowly fingered my no-longer-virgin hole as he held his dicck out to me one final time before tucking it into his jeans. I sucked him deep into my mouth as a thank you for what he had just done for me. He laughed and said I was 'one hot faaggot'. He left and I realized that I didn't really like that term, but it was better than being called straight! I also realized that I was feeling like a giddy schoolgirl. Wow, if sex was supposed to feel this way every time..what had I been missing all these years in my straight marriage? I can't imagine I ever made my sexy wife feel like this or she would be chasing after me every night. All I could think about was when would I be getting some more ddick? When could I have a ddick make me ccum again? Well, I certainly didn't want to wait 3 MONTHS or a YEAR to do this again. Why did my wife? It surprised me that I was thinking about her so quickly after my first gay experience since marriage..maybe I still wanted her badly, but I knew I still wanted this could this situation have a happy ending, I wondered.

I had a few wonderful experiences when I was 43 and 44. I didn't have sex with my wife at all (her choice). And two years after she first found my gay letters, she went off to meet a male she met at her highschool reunion for a sex-filled vacation while I watched the kids and the house. In the end she met him in 3 different cities for about 4 days at a time, where she would pretend to be his wife while he was at work-related conventions. In those 3 months, she had more sex with him than she would have had with me in about 5 years, I think. I was jealous and sad, but I knew this was probably the price I would pay for my gay interests. I didn't really find it a turn on that I now had a cheating wife, but it somehow was still exciting to think that I have a wife that I cannot f-ck, go figure. She now owns some small bikinis and sexy thongs that are the kind I would WISH she would wear for me. She has sexy lingere and stockings that she has obviously gotten to wear for someone else and not me. It's funny that she can do these things now when her marriage is being torn, but would not do them in order to please her husband and save her marriage earlier.

Her affair ended after 3 months (I imagine he had gotten what he wanted, then decided my wife was not worth giving up his own family for) and she has not cheated in the last 2 years...BUT she has also not had sex in the last two years either! For myself, after my wife slept with someone else, I went through a re-evaluation of what was important in my life. I have offered to her that we might try to stay together, start a 'new and different' where sex is not 'denied' and withheld. I really have nothing to lose, if she wants to become a more sexual person (like she proved she could be with her lover), than I would like her to become that person with me, her husband. I want to restart things with her as my 'girlfriend' (even though we are married) and kind of relive that hot, exciting part of a relationship. She says I have to push aside my gay past and interests and I say she has to be much more interested in sex and f-cking ...and we both are having trouble picturing the other person as capable of doing what we need to stay together and be happy, ha ha.

Well, our marriage is not over, but it is in pieces all around us. I love her and I know our marriage is worth saving. But I cannot live in a sexless marriage, or even a low-sex marriage like the one of my past. I hope she CAN become a more sexual person and enjoy her husband in that way. IF she can, if she can 'learn to want sex' on a weekly basis, then I AM the person she was meant to be with. I would do anything for her..anything except give up sex. I would give up gay sex for sex with her. But I cannot say I would give up gay sex for 'no sex with her'.

So that's it. Anyone else go through anything like this? For me, my situation is a real dilemma. I am very good at gay sex. I know I still want my wife sexually. But I also know that I cannot be the person I was meant to be without indulging my libido. I cannot be my wife's husband if she doesn't want to be sexual, BUT I could be a great husband if she does! These last 5 years have been kind of crazy...I will be interested in seeing what the next 15 years or so bring (I hope it's lots of sex).

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I love your story its exciting and somewhat uplifting even if the ending isnt all happy yet. You give me confidence to keep on keeping on :)

Nice reply, Thanks for saying my experince helped you, Kim.

What's the update? What happened with you and your wife? This makes me thankful that my wife knows I'm gay and is turned on by it. I wish yours was. It's obvious you love and want your wife. A spouse that won't have sex with their partner is wrong.

My cute wife and I are still together. We continue to work with our counselor to improve our marriage and our sex.
As of Jul '15 we have had sex 6 times this year (but I am not supposed to be counting!)...still that's a LOT for her. In the recent past, 6 times would have been 3-year's worth!
So I am happy we are sleeping together again, but I also need to be fantasizing about gay sex, or her with other males in order to stay hard enough to **** her. Very conservative, missionary sex I the only way she will **** right now. Becoming more adventurous is not in her near-term future, although I wish it was :)

Just weighing in...

Any wife who decides she is going to decide how much sex happens in a marriage will get no sympathy from me, anymore than a man doing the same to a horny wife, if there is such a thing :), would.

However, reading what you wrote here and how you wrote it, I wonder if your wife doesn't sleep with you because you are not masculine or hunky enough for her tastes or needs, which is not your are who you are and she is who she is.

You mention an affair she had....who is this guy? Is he much different than you in appearance or presence, or vibe?

You talk about your smooth body, and thongs and being taken like a woman....which is fine, really, if that is your thing, but MOST females would not want men with women traits.

As for marriage....if you are not together emotionally or physically, uh....what else is there? If you worry what others will think, what makes you think others don't see, have not seen, put things together about you or your wife, already, and who cares what they think anyway?

Your writing here reads like something one picks up from repeated, consistent, **** or tumbler blog reading, overload. Who could compete with satisfying somebody like this other than other highly sexed, or possibly overloaded folks?

Only you can answer/decide if maybe you became somewhat **** addicted, and excited by the variety, gay or straight, involving fantasies. There is plenty of info online about how ****, lots of it, rewires the brain, hits the reward centers and becomes an addiction....and so, while something may turn you on repeatedly, and tremendously....just like drugs can make one feel amazing...the more you feed that rush, the problem becomes you need more and more and not only more but more intense, amd then one thinks that it's the new you, the possibly addicted you, that is the reality, who you are.

Now, all of this may sound judgmental, but I don't mean it to be. It is your life...and you are free to choose to live it as you wish, and I do wish you happiness.


Another married dad here 43. Sounds like you wrote my story.

If my true story is very similar to yours, then I am sad over your situation. Good luck if you decide to stay and I hope she becomes sexual with you. "seasonal sex" (4x per year) is awful, and once a year even worse and more damaging. I have had WAY too many years of both of those kinds. She never developed that 40-ish sex drive that I had heard so much about.

what a great story gay **** is getting a good run here please add me

I know a lot of guys have said this but it is incredible how close your story is to mine. So many married men turned gay by their sexless wives.

Yes, Sport...that's me exactly. Married, but turned gay by my cute, sexless wife!

this is ******* hot. A year ago i had a hot girlfriend and was ******* other girls behind her back with my big uncut **** I could always make girls ***. I had been sucking **** like once a year for 2 or 3 years when i was really drunk. After we broke up i started sucking more and more **** and watching gay **** and ******* off constantly. Now I constantly want ****. I recently met a girl while on vacation with a bunch of buddies and I took her back to my room to **** her but i cudnt even get my **** hard. She pretty much laughed at me and left but didnt care cuz i cud lie to my friends and say i ****** her. After she left I was by myself in the room i was sharing with one of my close friends. I noticed a pair of his used boxers on the floor by his bed. I cudnt help it my **** started to get hard instantly i picked them up and put the crothc up to my nose and inhaled the scent of his hot sweaty ****. It made my **** soo ******* hard i loved the smell of this guys **** i jerked off for like 2 seconds and blew a massive load allover the floor. Then i felt stupid and dirty and went thru the usual routine of telling myself i was straight and it was just cuz i was drunk. Im so being used by a big **** now tho i dont care anymore. I constantly tell myself that i can only get turned on by **** and that Im going to be a gay **** for the rest of my life. I look for men on the internet that will feed me thier ***** every night. I dont ***** out anymore like i used to. I just tell them where to meet me and I show up get on my knees dont even look at them and then i give them the sloppiest pornstar ******* i possibly can. I lick there balls and rub my face in there junk, I tell them how good thier **** tastes. I used to spit or get the guys load blown on my face but a cpl of days ago I sucked a guys **** in the park by my house that i had sucked before and I knew he shot big loads so I told myself to swallow his load because Im a gay **** now and Im addicted to ***. I jerked him into my mouth and sucked every drop of his huge load like a good ********** then i showed it to him and swallowed. Then i went back to licking his **** and balls and i told him that his *** tasted amazing and asked him if he would please let me suck his **** again soon. It was hot because I sucked him like a true sissy ******. I stopped denying it and just let myself *** out on his ****. Sex for me now is having my mout stuffed with some random guys **** or ******* off and ******* myself in the ***.

LOL, I also don\'t get hard for ***** anymore....but gay sex makes me shoot off like a rocket!

When I am cross dressing, I totally crave guys and am a slutty bottom. When I'm not cross dressing, I'm attracted to women. The thing is, I can only have sex with a woman if she is being dominant - ******* me with a strap on.

ha ha...see? Like me, even when you are with a girl, you really only want gay sex! That's hot. are SO right.
Gay males have turned me completely OFF of girls, ha ha. I now only get hard for gay sex, and my cute wife knows this, which strangely is ALSO kind of a turn on!
With the proliferation of shemale and transsexual **** on the net, I find that now, if I see a naked girl with a *****, I go completely soft and I fantasize about what she would look like with a **** between her feminine legs. With me, if there is no ****, I can't get hard or play, lol.

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loved your story, I don't consider myself love women, live their shape, body, smell. but I fantasize about sucking **** and being ******. like gay **** too. I often ********** with toys in my ***
why do you guys say you aren't real men? you aren't lying to yourselves our your wives, that makes you more real than most men I know

Any gay husbhd no prblm i m **** urz wife.i m so quite lkng

Hot! A little sad but HOT!

That was a great write, I can understand completely what you have been through. My wife and I still have great sex on occasions she likes other women to play with. For me older men are the biggest turn on and I am not sure why. But I know what you mean once you have stroked and sucked a **** it is hard to say no or to stop. Thanks once again

Hello Biturnedgay,

OMG, your story is unbelievably close to mine, it’s absolutely amazing, and here I was thinking that my situation was unique. I too am married, have been for 20 years and now live as a gay husband, out of the closet only to my wife and whatever gay friends or men I come in contact with. I too find it a HUGE turn on that my wife, who is absolutely gorgeous, with an awesome body, that any real man would want to ****, knows I am a queer and that I can never satisfy her like a real man.

I don't dress drag but I do wear women boy short panties and lace tank tops around the house. I wear women's work our shorts and cute tops, and pastel ankle socks when I travel on business or we travel alone together. I also wear cute women khaki shorts when we are on vacation. I even use a clear nail polish and put a little pink polish in to get a nice light pink toe nail polish for my toes. My wife, now that she is a bit more comfortable with having a queer for a husband, will even shop for cute boy short panties and other similar women's wear with me. When we go shopping in the malls she will point out the cute gay clerks and leave me alone to flirt with them. She also is aware that I go to gay bars and that when I travel alone on business I travel out of the closet and frequent places that are predominately gay. I run a very successful business and have to be the powerful in control guy every day so It’s a huge turn on to me now to be able to be a complete girly girl queer in front of my wife and know that I could never satisfy her sexual because I am just not a real man.

My story is similar, when I was in high school I was always the ladies’ man but had a close male friend which we explored sexually a couple of time. When I was in college I had an openly gay roommate and I had a longtime girlfriend for which we were pre-engaged to be married. I later caught her cheating on me and became depressed about losing her. One night while sitting in my underwear sulking, my roommate came home and began to comfort me; in doing so he rubbed my thigh and became aroused, he could see the head of my penis sticking out of the top of my underwear. He asked why I was aroused, I told him of my few high school experiences and he asked if I minded him exploring. I said no and he slid his hand down my underwear and I remember it being so exciting. He went on to give me the most amazing blow job swallowing my load and cleaning the head of my penis with his tong. I became very confused questioning is I was gay or straight. We continued to have sex for the rest of the year and we became known as the gays (which I did not like) and a lot of the straight jocks would come over to get blow jobs or **** our *****. I have to admit, I sucked a lot of **** in college and took a lot of ***** in the ***, and probably more than my wife ever did. At the end of the year I went home for the summer, considered the gay sex as a phase and began dating women again. I did not return to school because of being afraid of the stigma I would have for sucking all that **** the year before.

After a few years of dating I met a beautiful, sexy woman who would later become my wife. The sex was great for the first 5 years or so and we had three children together. After the 3rd child and with the stresses of family life the sex all be dried up and I found myself turning to gay **** and shemale **** to get aroused and **********. These turned me on more than my wife or any woman for that matter. Anytime I saw a **** I was aroused. I started calling myself gay to convince me I was gay, I would tell myself I did not like naked women and then progressing to telling myself I could not please my wife who was very sexy to any real man. I would also tell myself I was not a real man, convincing myself that my **** was a gay ****. ALL this activity made me extremely horny and gave me erections like I have never felt before. This went on for several years and progressed to the point where I could no longer get aroused by women and the only thing that would make me hard was naked men. It was at this point I thought that I had completed what I set out to do and that was to be a completely gay husband and no longer desire women, but I was wrong, yes I was now gay, but I was alone with no way of expressing my gay desires or my queer sissy like desires that were yet to follow.
Around our 10 year anniversary after going a stretch of nearly 2 years without sex my wife started to become interested in sex and was pressing me for intercourse, I thought that to be odd. After a few weeks of trying and my in ability to get an erection hard enough to penetrate her or would go instantly soft upon the thought of penetrating her she said to me “honey, your gay” I popped up and yelled “NO!” and she replied, “Hun it was not a question, it was a statement” and with that I became frightened. She said that she had found numerous gay **** sites on my computer, receipts from gay bars and that I even have talked in my sleep about loving sucking ****. I thought at this point my life with her was over should would divorce me, tell my kids and friend and I would be completely embarrassed. She then said she was not happy of learning her husband of 10 years was gay and that she was quite discussed knowing that her husband had been kissing men, sucking their dicks and getting ****** in the ***. BUT, then she uttered the words that would give me an erection like no other, she said that she still loved me no matter what, that she believed in the family and that we had three kids together and that I had built a successful business and if I was gay, it was not something I could control and that I was born that way. With that a sexual energy ran through my body like no other and my **** got hard and instantly began throb, she noticed my **** and said, see even talking about you being gay got you hard.

I had now come to the point where my wife, which I loved dearly, who was very beautiful, had the most amazingly toned body of any of the women we knew and every one of my friend or anyone who met her would do anything to **** her now knew her husband was gay and has been sucking **** and getting ****** in the ***. She said she was content to be in a sexless marriage or limited sex marriage with a partner that is not very good or comfortable being with a woman. She said sex was not that important to her and that she would take what I could give her even if it was terrible sex. I told her if she needed to find a young stud to satisfy her needs that I would understand but she refused. I had to admit the thought of another man’s **** ******* my wife was also a turn on, but she would never go there.

I began to push the envelope testing how far I could go, wearing women’s boy short panties and other clothes and gay jewelry to being more open and aggressive about flirting with men in front of her and talking about guys all the time. I was less discreet about going to gay bars, having gay friends and I even had a boyfriend which she knew about for a while. So here I am 10 years after coming out of the closet to my wife that I was gay and It takes us back to where the story began. We live happy, I love the fact the my wife knows I am gay, I love when she makes comments about me being gay or calls me a ***, queer or homo in a playful way. The two of us have become more like girlfriends instead of husband and wife and it seems to work for both of us.

I would love to talk to you more about this with you if you’re interested. I have been amazed of my transition to a queer husband and the dynamics of how it happened and how I ended up being best GIRL friends with my wife.

This reply, in the form of a story is SO F*ING HOT!!
I, of course can relate to almost all of is SO erotic when a female 'finds out' I am gay, he he. And when it was my wife discovering that I was basically homosexual...I almost came without touching myself!
I LOVE what you wrote and the fact that we have sexy wives who we do not/cannot ****?? Hot hot!
I am so glad that there are more males like me out there than I ever imagined...married males who are gay? SO SEXY!

Boy, this really hits home for me. I have been looking around for a good gay situation, having sucked but not swallowed a few guys in book stores and moviehouses. My wife also has no interest in sex, but I have not told her about my gay side. Kind of pointless, since I, too, would be plenty happy just being in a sexual relationship with her. As it is, if I can find a regular, safe gay relationship on the side, I could focus more clearly on the rest of my family responsibilities. I really, really miss the taste of my wife's *****, though, which is about the only thing I love to lick and suck more than a ****.

My own married experience was somewhat similar, but after getting divorced twelve years ago, my ex-wife has remarried and moved on and I still have yet to experience M2M sex. It's still in the works as I'm finally out of the closet.

I am a married guy who has had, in the past sexual encounters with men. I say men as I was definitely their 'boy' or even their 'sissy' these encounters make me so hot, especially as I dream about my wife taking other men, real men, for her lover. We do really don't have much sex but I know she used to love sex. Maybe I am now not enough of a man for her and she needs real men and maybe I do too!

Well, it is SO HOT that the 3 of us making these comments are going through the same thing! We realize we are not "real men" and that we have sexy wives that we either do not **** or cannot ****. I think it is so sexy when a married male cannot get hard for ***** anymore and begins to crave gay m-m sex. I love stories about married males who eventually have to 'come out' to their wives as i did.

The humiliation is, I agree, so sweet. I think the humiliation is part of the excitment. I do love the thought of being reduced to a submissive house husband forced to except the date of being his wife's maid. I have dreams of my wife being forced to take other men and enjoying it. I have even more dreams about her lovers taking me too, making me dress for them and be their maid too.

I can relate, I get more turned on thinking about her with others while wearing my heels and m/b'ing. I am trying to get her to be more s*xual, maybe someday she will come out of her closet and indulge me with cuckoldry.

Yes, as gay husbands, we all need be denied by our female wives and to be forced to live with only homosexual is SO hot to imagine NEVER getting ***** again, and to have to live with only gay sex! I KNOW I have given uppussy forever, that I am not a 'real man', and that I will only get to enjoy sex with other males from now on...I have become homosexual and I LOVE it, lol.

I think that's what's happening to me. I've been just flirting with the gay bookstore lifestyle, but probably in a few years, I'll be a regular and join a gay bathhouse. The only thing is I'm trying to work out how to be as safe as I can, both disease-wise and publicity-wise. But once I'm clear that I will never see my wife's ***** again, I'm going to be the gayest **** outb there. And yes, I've gone very bottom. When I had gay sex as a young man, I was versatile but a little more top than bottom. Now, I don't even have to stick my **** anywhere, I will *** from giving ******** or getting ******.

I love this story, I have a strong sex drive too. and I totally feel how you are frustrated. I say as long as she is doing her own thing you should too. You have told her how you feel and and you are a sexual person. Go for it. Sex is fun and should be enjoyed. Go get yours.

i sincerely hope you two work it out but have doubts that she'd be willing to let you have sex with gay Men without feeling betrayed, which she obviously has before as when she first found out she went out and had an affair with another Man, giving Him what she wouldn't give you. Good luck to you and hope you can work out some workable solution without destroying each others lives...

It was good to read this. My wife seems to be interested in sex again: she has got her figure back, she exercises etc. but I do not see how to do it. So much rejection, disinterest, reluctance, no interest in me sent me out to men again. I would never play with another woman- too risky emotionally, too dangerous for the marriage. But now I just cannot imagine be vulnerable to her rejection again.

Thank you biturnedgay.<br />
<br />
I really appreciate your honesty and candor. I have a really similar situation and it is a comfort to hear other going through this struggle as well.

Hmm, I am sorry your situation is similar...that means it is also very frustrating. Write on my whiteboard and tell me about it if you can. I like reading sexual stories about married males in my situation. Good luck!

Hi. I don't have any sexual stories of things I've done presently. I can post something from my past before I was married...

Wow, indeed! Your wife became interested in sex with someone else after having had no apparent interest for several years with you...and you found yourself only attracted to men. Even after writing this story, you replied to a post of mine & indicated that you were still only into men and that your wife was withholding sex...and if you're not sexually attracted to your wife (or if she's not attracted to you), I don't see this working out (no matter how much you care about each other), as neither of you will be happy with the situation. I wish you all the best, and I know you're doing what you feel you should do...but I think you're both going to be disappointed if you try to start over.

Very insightful, Dragon. In fact, your last line there is exactly what my wife and I are discussing with our marriage councellor/sex therapist.

Wow!! Thanks so much for sharing. I hope things work out between the two of you

Thanks R-69, I know some of our experiences are very similar and I get hot reading your story. We are definietly both "gay husbands".

Male couples are just so hot and sexy. Gay boyfriends and real homosexual love is a huge turn on to me now. Silly girls and *****...not so much, lol.