Married But Love Men

It all started when I was young, my female cousins would dress me as a girl. ***** me naked and put panties on me, a nice dress and make up. I was always involved in girl talk, and this included what guys would be like in bed what they had in their pants. As a young man and wondering what others had in their pants I had a couple of experiences with guys that solved my curiosity.
I must admit that when I grew up and started to date women I had a famine side that girls loved. I was able to hold conversations with them and hence got to make love to them as well. Then I got married and had children, 10 years later at a party an older guy started to chat with me. He was very nice and charming, I was a little drunk and I told him about when I was little. This turned him on so much he cornered me and said he would love to see me in panties again. Then he kissed me and squeeze my now very hard ****.
For days and weeks I resisted seeing him but I had to drop in on him and yes wearing a pair of my wife's panties. He was so turned on we did almost everything.
Once I drove away it was like a great weight was lifted I got to live out what I fantasised about for years.
As a married man though this is cheating and I do feel guilty but the guilt is less than that missing out feeling. So am I gay I do like a nice hard ****, but I love my wife as well?????
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2 Responses Jan 9, 2013

I have come to realise I like both men and women, they both make me hard for different reasons. It is the circumstance that when we come together that is the exciting part. That little twist, like an older man when he undresses is wearing lace panties. Or a pillar of the community loves nipple play whilst sucking you. Older women that love being a slave. So I have come to the conclusion I am neither gay or straight but one who loves excitement and giving pleasure to others..... That can't be a bad thing can it???

Gay males can love their wives...but we are still gay when it comes to the sex we really, deep down, know we want. We can pretend to enjoy sex with our female partners...but quite often we will be fantasizing about gay *** sex in order to stay hard for our women. If ***** makes your **** go soft (like me) and if ***** make you hard (like me) then you are gay, and that is very sexy!