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I've been married nearly 42 years. I was faithful to my wife for nearly 30 of them. After my 50th birthday I discovered that I very much enjoyed bi/gay men and now have been having sex with them for the last 15 years. A lot of that experience is sucking and being sucked. Early on I discovered that I loved/preferred being totally naked with a man. I thrill when I feel his erection against my belly, encase his bottom with my hands, fondle all of his body parts, cuddle, and ultimately take his erection into my mouth. I become totally engaged in the eroticism of the sex with each man. I thrill with the entire experience of being engaged as a homosexual man in those moments.
I have sucked men far too many times to count. But it is only in the last couple of years that I discovered that I enjoy taking them to completion and swallow their ***. During the excitement of our forplay, we become more and more aroused. Our hardness can often become the focus of the encounter. We lick, suck, kiss, touch, massage, and in every other way make the skin2skin contact our total attention and always coming back to our erections. In the midst of the passion we may go into sixty-nine. Or, I may simply lay down on my belly, between his thighs and take his hardness into my mouth. I make love to his erection. I lick the head and encourage the precum to leak onto my tongue. I may then take his entire **** far into my mouth allowing it to push firmly against the back of my throat. I have learned pretty well how to control my gag reflex. My boyfriends usually enjoy that I can take their entire **** down my throat with my nose crashing into their belly. Next, with his erection slathered with saliva, I stroke his hardness with my partially closed fist while I lick and suck just above my hand. I go up/down, up/down on his pole. I like to lick and suck on his testicles as well as tongue his perinium. If he is clean I'll also rim his '*****', usually coming back to his ****. With regular stroking and slathering of his hard member he will soon cry out "I'm going to ***". I intensify my efforts and soon he will begin to spurt against the back of my throat. I swallow quickly as some men have lots of *** and I don't want to lose any of the precious liquid. They love the fact that I don't pull away during their most intense moments. I continue to suck, and stroke till their sensitivity prevents me from continuing. Then I slow down and simply hold the erection giving it the gentle tension it needs as it slowly withers in size. It is then that I want to cuddle with him. I'll lay along side, or on top of him, and feel his entire body as it recovers from this intensity and passion.
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I'm a 50 yr old man and I want some **** too I I joy bi men

What a hot story - I think most married men think about sex with other men from time to time but how great to hear you've really started living it for real.

Mmmmm... I'd love to spend the weekend with you, doing everything you described and go back again & again, with you or another lover, just as eager and absorbed in the experience. YUM!!!

Wow what a great read!

What a great story.....I am ready to ***

Precum, you said the magice word funnylingerer!

It is amazing what men can do for each other. *****, *****, their *******, kissing, *******.....all are so delightful when men are passionate with each other. I love the feeling of being with a man when he is hard and we grind our bellys together with our hard ***** in between. Then going down on him, sliding my mouth down to his erection, and then later to his *****. We might kiss and then do it all over again till we ***. I especially love to spend the night with a naked man and wake up in the morning with our ***** hard and the new feelings of morning passion. So much delight.

What a great man to man story. You have captured the experience wonderfully between two like minded men. I am a bi male and have enjoyed many fantastic same sex experiences. Making love to another male involves so much more than just a quick ******* or *******. Thqnks for shring your story!

You sure know how to enjoy your self, very hot story. Wish I could write like you!

dude my **** is rock hard after reading your story and the comments some of the readers let, truly hot

Today I went to a gay nudist site and found two men who wanted their ***** sucked. One did *** and the other did not. Oh, well ! I loved the sucking and the swallowing. Even the man who didn't *** had his legs wrapped around my neck. I had his *** cheeks in my hands. I loved the opportunity to suck both men with enthusiasm. They both loved the attention. I will go back again before the summer is over and suck some more. Men love to have me attend to their ***** and I love to give it. The other attention I love is to get a large erect **** up my ***.

Damn but I am hard from reading that!! Now I have to go take care of it!!

I'll add my comments - wow, that is hot! Well done!

Wow, beautiful and hot. Wish I was with you right now! Amazing!!

I shouldn't have read your story, dam am I hot!

Hi Craver, yes. Getting 'really hot' is the ticket. I have done things when 'hot' that I might not have done otherwise. I just got ****** bareback by a man I trust, but ........don't you know, bareback.........I am negative, and I suspect he is too. However, when I'm hot...........I did that without reservation ! ....and it was wonderful (in the moment). He did *** in my *** and I felt him do that. He also enjoyed the moment more since the condom wasn't an issue. He will get tested and I'm guessing he'll be OK. However, in the moment.......I weakened didn't I ? Phil

I would love to take a hard **** in my *** and have him *** inside me. Difficult to find the right guy.

I actually have had a blow job from a man with a similar advantage. You are right, without teeth the gums can do a marvelous job on a man's ****. I loved it. When given lemons make lemonaide.

I'm glad !

I'm not sure if you wrote this to inform or arouse - but for me... BOTH! :)