Yes I am married and bi love having a man *** in my mouth
alexiswcd alexiswcd
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1 Response Aug 16, 2014

well said, i went to a glory hole a few years ago and went in a booth and started watching a movie , I looked down at the hole and there was a hard **** , I just reached out and held his **** in my hands as I stroked him. I fell to my knees and took his hot hard **** in my mouth, it tasted so good, while i was taking him deep in my mouth i felt warm jet pulses in my throat. it was then I realized he was ******* in my mouth and what a sensation. It tasted so good, he came quite abit. It was on my lips as i wiped it with my hand. that was not the first time but it is one i think aboujt alot. i thought it was hot to walk back in the store tasting his *** on my tongue. cant wait to experience that again

You should have stuck around and sucked a couple more. Any time I went into an arcade, there were usually several guys there looking to be sucked.