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Ring Thing

As a little "experiment"....I removed my wedding ring to my other hand, where it doesn't really notice next to some others, some 2 or 3 weeks ago. The only person to comment on this is our daughter!

Do you think most men would notice if their wives took off their rings?  Or is it just a bloke thing, that they don't notice these details. I'm assuming the latter, but I'd be interested to know!!

My finger feels strangely naked but I must say I'm starting to enjoy the feeling.


Oct 26th 2008: its still off and unlikely to go back on the way things are going.



PS I did write another married but lonely story before this one, which is maybe more of an explanation as to why things started going wrong.....but this is the story that always shows up!!!

lostbird lostbird 51-55, F 45 Responses Dec 12, 2007

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AH, the ring. Always deserves it's own story.

I haven't worn mine half the time I've had it. For the 3 1/2 years I've had it, it's been getting cleaned/recoated twice a year, resized twice, diamond replaced, and a band welded to it- then didn't wear it the pregnancy, too much swelling. Then didn't wear it after I lost the weight last year, was slipping off. Still slips off.

Don't even want to bother getting it resized. I hate this ******* ring. Huge story about it.

I might just do something spiteful with it. Payback for his materialism.

Thank you for your comments canismax, that is great that you care.

I would notice in half a second. I notice when she does not wear the bracelet I made her or the neclace I got her for christmas when we were just dating. <br />
<br />
And I care. I never leave the house without mine on and of she did it would bother me a lot.

mine as been off almst ten yeazrs with no notice

i have read all your comments and most sound like my marriage we both work and have differant shifts ,i ware my ring and so does she but like some one else said she uses it as a weapon to show her displeasure,mad off it comes yes i notice but we like you have reasons for staying mainley financial we live like room mates, no sex in a while boring too oh well,at least he said he dosent care now you can move in a differant direction i think

SED19~<br />
I'm sorry you are feeling so disconnected with your wife.You don't say how old she is, but it is quite common for women in their 40's to suddenly feel this way, and need reassurance that they are still wanted, needed and are attractive etc.In fact I think it is universal so must be biological. lol Coupled with that and the addictive nature of the internet it could be just that.<br />
<br />
However the important thing to have come up is that you still love your wife dearly, so make sure she knows this.Try and get her to talk at a time when neither of you are feeling overtired, stressed etc. Explain gently how it makes you feel and take it from there.....I wish you all the best!<br />
<br />
My hubby never told me he loved me, which led to to all sorts of nasties!! He now tells me he doesn't at least I know our marriage is dead!

I have been married for ten years now and love my wife dearly. The problem is at this point in our relationship I feel my wife is almost a teenager again. She spends most of her free time on the laptop that I bought for her birthday chatting with old friends and who knows what/who else than spending time with the kids or myself. I am at my wits end with it and it doesn't seem to register with her that we have a real problem.. I go to work everyday and can see she is on, come home and she is on, after the house quiet downs for the night she gets on and so on and so on. I guess to most people it's obvious that we are disconnected at this point but I don't understand why and what to do.

Conradstiles, I'm sorry you feel that that is what your wife is telling you, but it may well just be a protest vote when your wife is feeling feisty! Perhaps she is just in need of a little tlc and understanding. If the marriage really isn't worth it, then it isn't usually a simple matter of just ending it, especially id you have been together for a long time, or where there are children involved.<br />
Anyway well done for noticing! Mine didn't until it was pointed out and then it didn't really bother him!

I notice when my wife does not wear her ring. Unfortunately the ring thing in our marriage has become a weapon to stab the other person. My wife takes the rings off when she mad at me or in order to send a message that "this marriage isn't worth it". Maybe the marriage isn't worth it, so why doesn't she just end it?

Its sad isn't it?! <br />
We remain "married" in name and still live in the same house but we seemed trapped together by circumstance......too enmeshed in other ways to be able to get out.

You know, I took my wedding ring off nearly 2 years ago. My wife still hasn`t noticed.

I took mine off at least 2 years ago. First it was because it cracked @ the gym. I considered if it was worth it at the time to get it fixed and decided no. Four months later @ the dinner table I asked my husband how long he thought I hadn't been wearing it.... no answer of course. He hadn't even noticed.

I think I will be wearing it for a long time yet...after all he did make it for me, but it is staying on the wrong hand!It's weird but I wore the ring from my first marriage there until this one took its place....I haven't really thought about why I kept that one on, habit I guess!

You must do what you feel comfortable doing.Only you really know all the ins and outs of this. I know that a wedding ring in my eyes is an important gesture, I wore it until a year AFTER my divorce, that was when I truly felt she was out of my heart.

Mine has NEVER worn one, so I don't feel obliged that way!

My husband definitely notices and comments but he doesn't care. I think he secretly wishes I would take it off so he didn't have to wear his.

Actually I am surprised.....I had assumed that most would be like hubby!

Ah thanks for the clarification! It's staying on my right hand for now.......

BrownDirtCowboy~ he doesn't really care that I'm not wearing it. He wants us to "fix" the marriage....but I find this strange as he has admitted to not loving me! There are too many conditions imposed I feel.<br />
<br />
keeman~ looks like I'm advertising my availabilty then!!! ;-)<br />
Would a guy notice if she was wearing it on the wrong hand?!

Quite! No proper marriage so why wear the ring to show ownership?!<br />
Mine is still off!

I know what you mean. I have not worn my wedding ring for almost 2 years now and it feels good. Because that's when my husband and I have been having trouble so one day I thought to my myself until things get better or are the way things used to be I will not wear my wedding ring. My thinking was I don't deserve to where the ring and I didn't feel right wearing it the way things were going.

It'still off. Yes I've sometimes wondered if you get treated differently without an obvious ring of posession! After all my H has never worn one.....

I took mine off for a job in April and never put it back on. DH still hasn't noticed. I like that it makes me look single to the rest of world.

I used to think that I would never take it off.....I still have it on the "wrong " hand. Some people have noticed, his Mum, my Mum, daughter.....but it's staying off until such times as I feel it belongs there again!

Reading this, I thought of what would happen to me if I took off my ring.<br />
He would notice right away, and I would be homeless.<br />
Therefore, I'd never take mine off. Sometimes men just tend to take us women for granted and expect that we will always be there...

Yep....I have to agree with you on that one. My marriage certainly isn't fun any more......I'm struggling to remember if and when it was : (

LOL...if only! I'm quite surprised that so many of you men would notice.....its nice that you would : )

I always noticed when she took hers off, while putting lotion on her hands, bathing the kids, doing dishes... i never removed mine, for 8 years even though i work construction and it is considered a hazard, about a month ago i took mine off... if she has noticed, she hasn't said anything. If only the act of putting it back on would fix the issues in our marriage

Thanks TF.....he's never worn one, and I've never had an engagement ring....I wouldn't actually part with it as he made it the day before we married,,,but I must have my little protest

*sigh* I'm wondering whether to do that but its more comfy in our bed and the view is better.