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Ive been amrreid for 24 yrs..i see now that the whole time my husband never worried about spending too much time w/ me...It never bothered me for yrs coz I kept busy w/other, kids etc..Now the kids are a little older (11, 14) old enought that theyre starting to be indepedent adn I see my husband is nowhere...It takes pulling teeth and knock-down-drag-out fights to get him to do ANY small thing w/ me nd the kids..
a few months ago i said "WE ( me & him) NEVER do anything together) besides sex i he started to suggest goin husband pretty much lives at the bar...not evry single wrapped up in all that drama..n it seems to be the ONLY hoby he has...nothing at all w/ his family (me and kids) i have recently started ot do things (hobbies) for myself..i check n make sure kids r ok (they seem FINE w/ it) and me n kids stil go out n do things ourselves regualarly..we simply dont wait for him top it off ...we moved to a rural isolated area..from the suburbs...(HIS idea) n i really dont care for it..but Im tryin to make the best of it...
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It's great that you are doing things with out him, he's the one who's missing alot by not being with his family. You and your children need to enjoy life with or without him being a part of things.