Feeling Betrayed....:-)

I am a 38 y.o Asian woman, married for 11 long years. My family is my  priority, and I can say that  I am a very supportive wife to my husband.I met my husband in College years ago, I was the best in class and he was should I say the poorest. But I love him for all his weaknesses. It took him a while to graduate. And when we got married he's jobless.After 3 yrs,his mom raised a business, and I encourage him to work there, and he did. For months their business is ok but I didn't realized that his mom and sister have a gambling problem, so to make the long story short, they make him believe that the business is going bankrupt and they are not paying him at all. I know this sounds stupid but it really happened to us in our country, for two long years he's working w/o pay while the 2 owner of the company is gambling a lot. I encouraged him to quit the job, but he's determined to work there.So I shouldered all the expenses. After 2 years atlast the campany closed.So I encourage him to get a job. We are both graduates of a BS degree but he does'nt want to practice it. So I advise him to work in a call center.During his interview, I was waiting in the parking lot praying sooo hard that he will get hired and he got hired. And after 2 1/2 year, he changed a lot, he became so mean. He keeps on insulting me in so many ways till I decided to migrate here in US with my only daughter. Three months  ago I found out that the reason of his changes in behavior is his so called best friend, a married woman w/ 4 kids. It never cross my mind that they have this kind of relationship. I will not mention anymore how she looks, I don't want to sound rude but even my friends did'nt really expected it. Now I felt betrayed, I just wasted 11 years of my life. I've been a good wife, a good mother to our daughter. And I guess this is the price I got from encouraging him to have a career and a good job, not for my sake but for him to establish himself. I already filed a divorce. I'm in this deep despair right now, and any comforting words from new friends that I might find here will surely help.
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what a **** stupid husband you have ! grrrr. . .his unfair ! hmm .. . . i hate those guys . .unrespectable .. . but you have a daughter beside you and that makes you brave C:

Hi, atleast you were able to get out of it.<br />
so now make the most of it! You are able to live life with your daughter and at some point with someone who will love you and be that person you want.<br />
Good luck, fizz

@ lost in my own home, Thanks. Really wish there is a lemon law for marriages :)

@ Raymond, thank you so much for your advise. I will surely follow your advise. I learned a lot from my experince and I'll make sure I'll do better next time.

I could tell from the very beginning of your post that you are very giving and let people take advantage of you. That is what your soon to be ex-husband has done to you for all this time.<br />
<br />
Don't love someone for their weaknesses ever again. Love them for their strengths. Find someone that is smarter than you and that encourages you to be a better person and respect first, then love them for it.

Hi! Your story is a sad one, sorry for all that you had to go through. Kind of makes you wish there was a "lemon law" for marriages, huh? Some of us ended up with real duds. Anyway, glad to have you here in th USA now, have a great day!

@ ContactX Yes, still I'm so thankful I found out. Thanks:-)